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Veterans: Flag Raising Ceremony – July 11th, 1PM Window Rock, AZ

Veterans: Flag Raising Ceremony - July 11th, 1PM Window Rock, AZ

Honor Flag Raising Service:

Where: Window Rock Church of God, Window Rock, Arizona, on Hwy 264 across street from the Sports Center.

When: Friday, July 11th, at 1PM

Opening Remarks: Chris Walsh, AOM Ministries
Speaker #1: Raising of US Flag
Speakers from Navajo Nation for raising of Navajo flag.
Speakers from state of Arizona: Raising of AZ flag.
Speaker on behalf of Israel, on raising of the Israeli flag
Speaker on behalf of the kingdom of God, on the raising of the Christian flag
As many of you know, on April 12th, 2014, US veterans presented representatives from the office of the President of the Navajo nation, honor gifts, asking formally, that the Navajo nation would forgive the US Calvary, for atrocities committed in the campaign led by Kit Carson, that resulted in what is now known as ‘the long walk of the Navajo’ where over 8000 Navajo were marched 830 miles through the snow, resulting in 4000 deaths. In the process of this campaign, the great peach orchards of the Navajo were burned in a scorched earth campaign.
Warriors healing warriors.
Combat veterans that have seen the horrors of war, have come to the Navajo nation, looking not for a political solution to this wound, rather a spiritual one. Recognizing only an Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth could fix this wound, veterans and elders have come in humility before the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ to both find forgiveness, and to offer it, knowing that only His shed blood could repair the atrocities committed so long ago…
Forgiveness has been extended by the tribe, and it is our prayer, that this event begin a new chapter of positive relationship between the Navajo people and the rest of America. In remembrance of this event, a ‘Garden of Reconciliation’ is being constructed as a historic landmark of the strength, dignity, honor, respect, humility, and love in the hearts of the Navajo, and the United States of America. 100 peach trees were donated, and distributed to those in attendance, planted in faith, that ‘the desert would bloom as a rose,’ and that the Navajo nation again rise to her place in the earth, as co-equals to the grace of God upon America, to find true freedom, liberty, and justice for all…

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    This photo posted for this flag raising ceremony, in this poster, the man holding the mic to his mouth, is my grandfather Tom Kirk Lincoln’s younger brother, George Harlan Kirk, Sr. Here’s a quote from the book “Navajo Code Talkers” by Aaseng, (p.85-86), ” A marine scouting force had discovered the Japanese about to descend upon an exposed American unit. Code talker George H. Kirk, Sr., recalled that the code talkers quickly relayed the information to a battleship and two artillery units, along with the exact location of the Japanese. The resulting bombardment was so accurate that “the Japanese were wiped out and our commander, Major General Erskine, was saved by our language.” We honor all of Code Talkers to this day for such distinguish service to their country.

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