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Order of Service – Flag Raising upon Navajo Nation

Order of Service – Flag Raising service Friday, July 11th, 1PM, Garden of Reconciliation (located at Window Rock Church of God, across from Sports Center)

  1. Welcome and Introductory remarks – Pastor Jerry Tom, and Ron and Tyda Harvey
  2. Greeting: Chris Walsh AOM Ministries recognizing that while the Navajo nation holds lands in three states: Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, that we will only be raising the state of Arizona’s flag today.

Others are welcome to install two other flag poles to fly the missing two flags at a later date.

We will be raising the flags of Arizona, the Navajo, the flag of Israel, the Christian flag, and finally the US flag.

  1. Arizona – Speaker (to be announced) will pray for the state of Arizona, and we will stand and salute as flag is formally raised.
  2. Navajo – President Ben Shelley will speak honoring veterans, Navajo code talkers, and will pray for the healing of relationship between the Navajo and America.

We all stand and salute as the Navajo flag is raised.

  1. Israel Flag: We recognize the special relationship Israel enjoys with God, as His covenant land and people. The Navajo have formally aligned themselves with this, and a speaker will explain the Biblical significance of this.

We all stand and salute as the Israel flag is raised.

  1. Christian Flag: Chris Walsh will introduce the purpose of this garden of reconciliation, and why it was created.

Sgt Harry Hayes (US Army retired) will explain why he has presented his combat medal received in operation desert storm, as an honor gift to the Navajo.

Sgt Greg Gill (United States Marine Corps, retired) will explain why he has given his marine corp K-bar (combat knife) as an honor gift to the Navajo.

We all stand, and salute as the Christian flag is raised.

  1. US Flag: A speaker will explain, how critical what we are doing is to the overall United States of America. How God in heaven is personally, actually seeing and hearing what we are doing this day, and will ask that God might heal our land, in this present time of crisis.

We all stand and salute as the American flag is raised

The National Anthem will be sung.



This photo posted for this flag raising ceremony, in this poster, the man holding the mic to his mouth, is my grandfather Tom Kirk Lincoln’s younger brother, George Harlan Kirk, Sr. Here’s a quote from the book “Navajo Code Talkers” by Aaseng, (p.85-86), ” A marine scouting force had discovered the Japanese about to descend upon an exposed American unit. Code talker George H. Kirk, Sr., recalled that the code talkers quickly relayed the information to a battleship and two artillery units, along with the exact location of the Japanese. The resulting bombardment was so accurate that “the Japanese were wiped out and our commander, Major General Erskine, was saved by our language.” We honor all of Code Talkers to this day for such distinguish service to their country.prayer3

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