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He who would be wise, walks with the wise! Stopping Racism!


He who would be wise, walks with the wise.


In our men’s prayer meeting, one of my friends, Frank Reeder (a white veteran) a true patriarch in the faith, stood up after Iby from Nigeria spoke and put his arm around him and said: In this nation, people have tried to divide us over race, as if our skin color had something to do with who we are as men. Jesus died for all of us, and we all bleed red blood. We need to stand together against racism, wherever we find it.


Then a prosperous, wise black businessman in our group stood up and said:

“Whether a black man believes he can’t because he is inferior, or a white man tells him he can’t because he feels superior, both have one thing in comman, that is an absence of the truth in their lives.


Jesus adopted us as sons, family, in eternal covenant with Him, royalty before His throne. This is truth that makes free, for there is victory in the cross of Jesus!

Here are a couple of Bible Studies I wrote, showing who we are in Jesus!

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