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Leadership Lonliness

Leadership Loneliness…


To Whom much is given, much is required…

Ex 34:3 No one else may come with you. In fact, no one is to appear anywhere on the mountain.

Here we see Moses, called to come apart unto God, to receive the 10 Commandments. Very similar to a CEO, business owner, senior pastor, or President set apart to lead their people and organizations. Need corporate guidelines, principals, policies, and governments that will effectively, fairly empower and prosper the people we are called to lead.

These come from God….

For those of us called to leadership, there are seasons, where, though surrounded by people, God speaks to us, alone.

In this account of Moses, God called him up the mountain, without even man’s best friend. If he had a dog, it stayed home.

Ex 34: Do not even let the flocks or herds graze near the mountain.”

Places and spaces, where only His voice, and obedience to it, will do.
For those in that place today, I know, I’ve been there. I understand, and I’m praying for you.

There is a straight and narrow way through this, that brings great glory to God, and that will make both eternal and temporal impact, only as you obey.

1 Corinthians 10:13 (PHILLIPS)

God still governs human experience

13 No temptation has come your way that is too hard for flesh and blood to bear. But God can be trusted not to allow you to suffer any temptation beyond your powers of endurance. He will see to it that every temptation has a way out, so that it will never be impossible for you to bear it.


Let’s pray:
“Father, show me what to do, and give me courage to do it, to obey you, and not become pulled by the temptations and counsels of people. I need you Lord Jesus, to strengthen me, now, Amen’

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