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It is Time for God to Visit America!

It’s Time for America!

Some years ago, as Victory Bible School students graduated here in Tulsa, Terry Law brought an incredible word, with great depth and insight. He spoke of a missions conference in South Africa, that have published a ‘Capetown Commitment’ that Terry declares to be one of the strongest statements every made regarding global missions. He spoke of the different decades where God the Holy Spirit has visited continents: Africa, South America, the Orient, with unprecedented harvests of souls resulting in there being more actual Christians on the planet, now, than the sum total of all the Christians that ever walked the planet from the time Jesus rose from the dead, until now. How the best was yet to come. As he spoke, Holy Spirit spoke to me, very, very powerfully: ‘I am now going to visit America!’

I believe that there will be an unprecedented harvest of souls in the United States of America, now! I also believe that this is why God told me to leave Canada, to move here, for such a time as this….

Let’s Pray:
Father, I want to be part of your move. Holy Spirit, help me to make myself fully available to you, that you might use me to the fullest, in your name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen’


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