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Taking a Stand!

Stand for Jesus!
The Prussian king Frederick the Great was widely known as an agnostic. By contrast, General Von Zealand, one of his most trusted officers, was a devout Christian. Thus it was that during a festive gathering the king began making crude jokes about Christ until everyone was rocking with laughter–all but Von Zealand, that is. Finally, he arose and addressed the king: “Sire, you know I have not feared death. I have fought and won 38 battles for you. I am an old man; I shall soon have to go into the presence of One greater than you, the mighty God who saved me from my sin, the Lord Jesus Christ whom you are blaspheming. I salute you, sire, as an old man who loves his Savior, on the edge of eternity.” The place went silent, and with a trembling voice the king replied, “General Von Zealand–I beg your pardon! I beg your pardon!” And with that the party quietly ended.
Today In The Word, August, 1989, p. 7

Jesus said it simply: Matthew 10:33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.deny

We must stand up for the cause of Christ, no matter the public humiliation…
Stand for Jesus today!

Let’s Pray:

‘Jesus, I love You. You are faithful to me. Forgive me for my compromise in my walk with You, in my lifestyle. Have mercy upon me, and give me grace, courage, and boldness to stand for You, no matter who speaks otherwise. Amen!”

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