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Second Hand Prayers…

This is simply my sharing something Holy Spirit showed me this morning – I have been living as a minister for a little while on the second-hand prayers of the saints.


Let me explain what I mean by that.

As a missionary, and lover of people, and teacher of the Word of God, I have spent years, and years, in countless hours of intercessory prayer, seeking the face of God, sometimes simply to survive the trials of life, and for you, in the kingdom of God, His church.

Somehow, in the ‘work’ of the ministry, I became so busy with the work of the Lord, that although I have obeyed Him, I allowed my sacred,early morning time in His presence to slightly slip away. Just a quick prayer, some marching orders for the day, and away I went!

Doing the work of the Lord, does not equal spending time with the Lord of the work!


This morning, I saw it clearly: I have been living for a while on the second-hand prayers of God’s people – hearing and seeing His grace to get things done, but somehow, not passionately seeking Him as I have done, constantly in His face for His heart for me, and staying in love with Him.

“Prayer is not designed to inform God, but… to humble man’s heart, to excite his desire, to inflame his faith, to animate his hope, and to raise his soul from earth to heaven.”
– Adam Clarke

Guess I am not alone in this, ministers, because He had me write this for you to consider your heart before Him too!

Let’s pray:

‘Father, where I have prayed, and ministered out of mere ‘duty’, instead of from the fresh river of life, that comes from Your heart, please forgive me, and bring me back to the place of fresh passion, zeal, meeting with You, personally again. I need you Lord Jesus, Amen’


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