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Be Healed – Jesus wants you strong!

Seems I am to deliberately pray for your healing today!


Be Healed!


Some Like to Read, some like to listen:

Many of you know my testimony, of how I was healed of epilepsy when I was 15 years old at a charismatic healing service, and able to obtain my driver’s license.

Many of you know of my more recent gradual healing from a stroke and high blood pressure…

Many more know of the divine healing ministry granted to me by the Lord Jesus Christ, how, after losing eight of my family members to various sicknesses and diseases, I went on a 40 day fast, one meal/day, and prayed almost day and night for answers, as to why the ministry of divine healing appeared to be sometimes hit and miss.

How God brought me from my home country Canada, to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to sit at the feet of Kenneth E. Hagin, and attend both Rhema Bible Training Center, but to also…

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