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Water Well for India


Praise the Lord friends in Christ love!! I hope your all safe!! by the grace of God we are all safe from corona virus! thank you so much for all your prayers And also thank you for your fellowship and we also prayed for you every day. God giving answers for our prayers because of that let the name of the lord gloryfied. Because of yours prayers our children and our church members felling very happy. My friends in this moment I have a prayer request about a water Boerwell with faith and hope and with prayer I brought you one request. That is in our village they are 400 above families are living and they are living in huts and Some are small buldings, they are slum area people. in this area we have water problem is too hike We will get water often we are get water 2or 3 days in the week that to only 1 hour or less than one hour. I know the situation of my colony because onse I suffered with the water problem. So I and my father went through all the colony area every where this is the problem. please friends remember this needy request with the love of Jesus you should help us we need at least 3 bore Wells that is also less. Friends present, urgently we need a one water borewell we are suffering with water problem. We need $1600 for drilling charge, water motor, and pipes, and electrical work. We are hoping to have a water bore in front of our house. Please we believe that by the grace of God we will clear this water problem. This water will also be helpful to those around us through the water bore. Finally they can do so without water problem. If there is any organisation or any person who can help us to water Bore well, please inform them on our behalf. Thanks!!
My friends kindly help them to solve this problem by the love of God. In our clonoy many people they all are Hindus they don’t know about Christ love with this help we may Draw their attention towards word and we will solve water problem. Friends I hope that they will get help form you All. Thank you friends
I will take the all the Responsibility of this work and I will faithfully. Please pray and help us via Western union or PayPal
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