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You Learn a lot of things on the way to 500

500 fights- You learn a lot of things on the way to 500, but none greater than this…

I like action movies. I prayed about it asking the Lord about it, and I have peace that it is His heart to stop evil and crush bullies, that He put this warrior heart in me, and many other men so I’m not apologizing for my side interest.


A very famous action scene is this epic bar fight with actor Vin Diesal. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:


But Chris, you are a minister of the gospel, are you saying we should knock the fire outta every bully we run up against?


No. Let me get to my point. For those who know me, you might recall the story I tell about lunch with my former business partner Tom Brewster, to celebrate the completion of 1000 construction contracts here in the great state of Oklahoma.


In case you haven’t heard it, here’s how I tell it:


One day, our office manager called us to inform us that Quick books, had just sent us a message, congratulating us on completing our 1000th contract in our little company. So, I called Tom, and told him the good news, and invited him out to lunch. He said: ‘Do we have the money to go to lunch?’ I replied: ‘Maybe, if we go to Arby’s for their lunch special.’, so we went to Arby’s and Tom asked a very intelligent question: “Well, Chris, what did we learn in completing 1000 contracts?”, I thought for a second and then replied: “Well, let’s pretend that each of those thousand contracts represents a person” so lets make up a statistic (since 87.5% of all statistics are made up on the spot anyway). Let’s say that 900 of those thousand people are wonderful people. They were great to work for, and the job went well. They paid us in full, and we did a great job, so that we don’t owe them any work, and they don’t owe us any money.’ In fact, if we were to bump into them on the street, we would probably invite them out to eat and they have become more than clients and are on the way to becoming friends.

Now, let’s look at another 80 people from that thousand, and they were not happy when we got there, and were not happy when we left. The job went to hell in a hand basket, but we made it right, and though neither of us want to see each other again, we don’t owe them any work, and they don’t owe us any money.


Then there is the final 20 people from our 1000. These people were so malicious and predatory, and downright evil, that the destruction they brought to us personally and to our company was so devastating, that we almost lost the company, yet we endured and prevailed, and have a great reputation to this day.

In fact, that year, Quick-books revealed that our little company that began grossing $50,000USD/year had grown into two companies that grossed over 1.1 million in that one calendar year. Many people say: ‘Life is easy for you. If I only had a million dollars, I would be successful too’. Listen: Only Jesus can meet the needs of the human heart. I and my business partner successfully negotiated, managed, and spend ethically, 1.1 million dollars in one calendar year, and all we have to show for it, are the life lessons we learned along the journey. We are both better men for the fire that responsibility produced in our lives. Like the fight clip, Vin Diesels iconic line before he hits the guy is this: ‘You learn a lot of things on the way to 500, but none greater than this’

Wanna be a millionaire? Commit to personal growth, and the process, and you will get there.

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