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Is There Anybody Out There?

Time has gone on, and I have now written over 1900 blog posts, that has produced 6 published books.

Truthfully, my first three books were more of a learning exercise than my most recent 3, working with Rob Kosberg of Best Selling Publishing has been a joy, as he and his team took my Leadership book that took 12 hard years to live and write, and made it into an Amazon best seller nationally in 5 catagories here in the US, and in three other nations. From this experience in the big leagues of publishing, I was able to self publish 2 more books relatively easily, of much higher quality than my 1st three books, this summer of 2022.

For your reference, here are the Amazon links to my books:

  1. The Parable of the Sower: A Kingdom Parable: Walsh, Mr. Christopher B: 9781491207826: Books
  2. Welcome to the Grand illusion: A Prophetic Prayer Strategy to Take America Back!: Walsh, Mr. Christopher Bernard: 9781497594838: Books
  3. Worship – Not Just a Song: Walsh, Christopher B, Abel, Siv Adoks: 9781502875518: Books
  4. Leadership In The River: Obeying God In Our Leadership: Walsh, Chris: 9781087954035: Books (National Best Seller)
  5. Foundations in Christian Living: Walking with Jesus, free from every addiction: Walsh, Christopher B: 9798837329319: Books
  6. Biblical Ways God Speaks to people today: Jesus gives us Hearing in our Heart: Walsh, Christopher B: 9798838724540: Books


I’m now researching how best to make a living as an author /speaker, now that my masters degree is completed.

What type of content have you most enjoyed over the years?

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As I wrote this I have that old Pink Floyd song playing in my head?


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