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Blessed are you who considers the poor…

Ps 41:1 Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. Father, I thank you for the ability to give to the poor, and that you deliver me during my time of trouble.

What an interesting promise from God’s Word.

Got trouble, and need God to intervene to help you out?

Ever try giving to the poor?

Several days ago, I learned from a friend of mine pastoring a church in Eldoret, Kenya, that he and the 15 orphans in his care are currently living on one small meal a day, with no provision in sight until harvest time in August.

I’ve seen the excesses, manipulations, and scams that go with many money schemes, but this is legit.

I know pastor Evans, and we have been friends now for many years, sharing Bible truths with each other, designed to raise people up in Gods call and destiny upon our lives.

That would be so simple. Teach deep spiritual truths designed to raise up Christian leaders, but then there is the glaring inhumane problem that human sin, world politics, environmental disasters, and the ravages of sickness (In Kenya AIDS and Covid) and disease, that place suffering humans that God loves directly in our path. To get our attention, children, the most vulnerable members of society are placed in our path, and like any human parent, our hearts are moved to help.

These are two of the ten children currently in pastor Evans care. I got him set up on Paypal, and research shows that this is the cost of daily food in Kenya:, or right around $5USD per day. Or one trip to Starbucks.

So, I’m doing a simple fundraiser, starting today, until August 31 determined to raise $50USD per day to help feed these children until September.


Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where God lives, there are many food banks, and the state of Oklahoma DHS will issue food stamps to people with legitimate needs. This is USA, where Gods love, though battered and tarnished, by horrendous disregard for God and His word, still lives both in the hearts of ‘we the people’ and generally in our culture and our legislation and laws.

In Kenya, this is not the case.

Rather than argue the injustice in this, children are starving and I must do what I can to help. Not one dime of any donation will go to me, administrative expenses, or to pad some ministers pocket, but will be used directly to feed hungry children.

You can donate on the link above, or Paypal my friend Evans directly:[email protected]

Pastor Evans on the right, some of the children in his care.

Presently in Kenya, the people face ‘the perfect storm’. Currently there is a drought, making subistance farmers suffer. Added to this are orphans produced from AIDS, malaria, and now Covid. In years past, Ukraine supplied food to East Africa, currently 25 million pounds of grain sit, unable to move due to war.

All these big items have hit children hard, and we must do our part to save lives.


Usually, I try to only post Gods Word spiced up with some salty politics, but tonight I feel compelled to appeal to you to help me help people that I love. Please, for Gods sake do something.