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Bible Schools

Why host a Bible school?

Because the book is ALIVE!

Some years ago, when I was partners in my construction company, we built a staircase for a missionary named Jim King. When we took the job, it was through his son Drew, and I did not know I was about to have a divine encounter with destiny that would change my life forever.

After we finished the work, they noticed the fishing poles in the back of my truck, and invited me to jump in a bass boat and go fishing.  After fishing, we ended up on his back deck, talking about world missions.

The call of God in my life has been screaming real loud now for some time,  and I asked Jim what was the best way to reach the nations with the gospel. I had seen the mass crusades, with notable miracles, signs and wonders. I have witnessed the tremendous prayer, and church planting movements in the earth, and now, I see this movement pioneering Bible schools, through Victory, Rhema, Elim, Christ for all Nations and other great organizations.

Jim’s reply was short, but powerful, he said: ‘If all you CAN do, is have crusades, hold a crusade, and get people born again, and give them heaven, but wherever possible, pioneer a Bible school, for the long lasting fruit of the Bible school, will far surpass the fruit of the crusade, as leaders become empowered, equipped and raised up in their offices and callings.’

In speaking with a missionary evangelist from Victory he made the comment: I see the great commission this way:

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