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Advancing the Kingdom

Advancing the Kingdom

Advancing Gods Kingdom As life goes on, I have thought through some things, and I am always looking for kingdom processes that bear fruit and fruit that remains. I live my life to advance Gods kingdom, and here is what I believe works. Preach the gospel. The word gospel means ‘good news’. The good news […]

Water Well for India

/ Praise the Lord friends in Christ love!! I hope your all safe!! by the grace of God we are all safe from corona virus! thank you so much for all your prayers And also thank you for your fellowship and we also prayed for you every day. God giving answers for our prayers because [...]

Mission Trip to Mexican Border

Hi Everyone, As many of your know, we have a crisis at our southern border, with an influx of Latino refugees trying to enter the US. As a contractor and businessman I agree with closing the border, as the influx of illegal labor has adversely affected the construction industry here in Oklahoma, but as a […]

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