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Team Suicide Prevention Sponsors Needed.

Team Suicide Prevention Sponsors Needed.

Hi everyone, As many of you know, I had a stroke and blood clot in my brain that almost cost me my life last year. So I have gotten back into cycling. Of great encouragement is my friend Bill Taitano who we nicknamed Mr Century, as he rides so many 100 mile races.   BIll […]



Con-science In street lingo, a player or person trying to rip you off is called a con, or a con man. In the Bible we are instructed to have our conscience exercised to discern good and evil. Since Hebrews 5:14 commands: But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who […]

Help Homeless Vets in Tulsa, OK

The question to be answered is: ‘Will we do something like this to help the 140 homeless veterans here in Tulsa, Oklahoma?’   I am convinced it needs to be done and can be done with the support of the people of Tulsa:   The VA does a great job with medical support, and […]

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