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Mission Trip to Mexican Border

Hi Everyone, As many of your know, we have a crisis at our southern border, with an influx of Latino refugees trying to enter the US. As a contractor and businessman I agree with closing the border, as the influx of illegal labor has adversely affected the construction industry here in Oklahoma, but as a […]

Letter from a Doctor I know personally.

Here’s my “rant” for today. My rant is about potentially saving many more lives. So again to discredit me by calling what I say “rants” is really a disservice to the most vulnerable among us. Doctors need to have unrestricted access to the potentially life saving drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. My opinion is backed up […]

Team Suicide Prevention Sponsors Needed.

Team Suicide Prevention Sponsors Needed.

Hi everyone, As many of you know, I had a stroke and blood clot in my brain that almost cost me my life last year. So I have gotten back into cycling. Of great encouragement is my friend Bill Taitano who we nicknamed Mr Century, as he rides so many 100 mile races.   BIll […]

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