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Leadership in the River…

Leadership in the River Over the past 10 years, we have met weekly with leaders in both business and ministry, and read the Proverb chapter of the day, and deliberately sought God for wisdom. He has answered and given us a portion of His excellence, and we have learned that Holy Spirit led leaders, fully […]

The Church Moving in US politics

The Church Moving in US politics

Tonight, as we prayed together with Senator Jason Rapert of Arkansas, Christian champion author of the heartbeat legislation that outlaws the murder of our unborn through abortion after a heartbeat is detected, I had the following passage of Scripture come to my rememberance, with what I believe is a current word from the Lord. 1 […]

Mission Belize

Mission Belize

Mission Belize Donate on-line: Our Mission – The Great Commission! For several years now, I have been friends with Jacob Dueuck here in Tulsa, and he has told me about his love for his country Belize, and the work of God there. So I asked him several questions: What people groups live there? What language […]

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