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Letter from a Doctor I know personally.

Here’s my “rant” for today. My rant is about potentially saving many more lives. So again to discredit me by calling what I say “rants” is really a disservice to the most vulnerable among us. Doctors need to have unrestricted access to the potentially life saving drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. My opinion is backed up […]

Help Homeless Vets in Tulsa, OK

The question to be answered is: ‘Will we do something like this to help the 140 homeless veterans here in Tulsa, Oklahoma?’   I am convinced it needs to be done and can be done with the support of the people of Tulsa:   The VA does a great job with medical support, and […]

Christmas for Orphans

Christmas for Orphans

Hi Everyone, Donate on-line: We are in relationship with three orphanages in developing countries. Grace Child Development Center in Karimnagar, India,houses 20 precious children under the leadership of pastor Kadamanchi Prasad and his family. Eldoret Child Development Center cares for around 20 precious children, under the capable leadership of the man of God, pastor Evans […]

Leadership in the River…

Leadership in the River…

In God we trust? I believe the greatest need in the world is seasoned Christian leaders, who honestly care about the people they lead and the impact they have on their communities and society as a whole. Yet, in many cases there has been a great disconnect between successful business leaders and the local churches […]

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