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Adversity and Character

Adversity and character

June 14, 2011 at 2:10pm

I wrote this way back in 2011! Yet, as I read these words, I am encouraged today!

Thought on adversity and the call of God. It is easy when the day of promotion and favor rest upon you, to obey God, and serve Him. It is when the hand of authority is against you, and your character is under attack, that it takes the supernatural strength of God to prevail, and not give up. Stand upon what He speaks, no matter what people or circumstances may scream. Your faith, and the purity of your heart will win the day, and God will be glorified in your obedience. Never allow smaller hearts or visions to dictate your greatness! Jesus is a great and mighty king, and you are great and mighty in Him. Refuse to compromise, but fully obey, remain humble, and He will exalt you in good season!