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Build the Wall!

I am in favor of building the wall on our southern border. I have been to Juarez, Mexico  and seen the horror the cartel has done there. I have met with native American ministers that have seen the horror the cartel has done to their people living on the border, and I see daily, the huge illegal labor problem here in Oklahoma in the construction industry. I am not racist, but love Latino people, and welcome them, legally, here in the USA. I am an immigrant from Canada, but came legally, and underwent the 14 year process to become a US citizen.

Yet, I came here as a Christian, believing America to be a nation where I am free to worship God through Jesus, and to serve Him without criminal penalty.


In the Bible, I have used this verse in prayer, as I have often spent time in prayer and fasting for God’s mercy and will to be accomplished here in the USA and around the world

Ezekial 22:30 ASV            And I sought for a man among them, that should build up the wall, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found none.



As many of you know, we serve as Christian missionaries here in Tulsa, Oklahoma doing many things as God leads us. Recently, we have been passionate about raising up support and awareness for the plight of orphans, and have partnered with three orphanages to do what we can to help.

I have prayed, and asked God to secure the border, and stop the flood of criminal activity there, and have prayed for president Trump to continue to stand for this nation to get this project done.

The Bible says: whatever a man sows, he shall also reap. As many of you know, we support Kadamanchi Prasad and his work with orphan children in Karimnagar, India. Over the years we have partnered with him, as a children’s home has been built. Yet, because of the location on the mountainside, venomous snakes would sometimes enter the compound, endangering the children. We need a wall there to keep the snakes out.

So, over the past several years, we have prayerfully watched as pastor met with contractors and designed a wall, and received cost estimates to have it constructed. It costs $6500USD. Today, we sent another donation, that brought the total donated to this project to $4700 USD. Construction will begin on Monday. Below, please see a sketch of the entry gate to the facility. We love the children, and are excited every time their quality of life is improved. We sow a wall into India, may we reap a wall here in the USA.

Are you going to heaven?