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Construction Materials Needed Donated for Navajo

Construction Materials Needed Donated for Navajo

Navajo Project
As you know, I went to Window Rock, AZ to meet with the Navajo, do a number of services there.

We donated 100 peach trees, and a number of other things to Ron and Tyda, and their church, but my construction and harvest mind set is dreaming big thoughts for that place.

1. Sow a number of urgently needed construction projects, in preparation for the large gathering July 7-12th

Construction Projects:

1. As you know, we planted a cross and a couple of trees in what will become ‘The Garden of Reconciliation’. We wish to install five flag poles behind the cross, fence the area in, and install six benches, and several gardens, to make a bright green spot in the middle of the desert.
For this project we need:
Bedding plants, landscape timbers, volunteers, 400’ of hose, hardware for flag-poles (poles were donated already), and approximately 300lf of fence. We need someone to assemble the benches, and make this happen.

2. Outdoor Amphitheatre – Looks like this is being donated. We may need a little more material for the decking, and a crew to help drill holes and pour piers for the concrete. Need a backhoe, concrete, and people to help. Transportation from Tulsa, OK, to Window Rock, AZ.

3. Pastors House – There is an 80×16’ modular home on site. It needs metal for a roof, and skirting all the way around. I feel if someone could donate the steel, we could have volunteers install it all. We have enough cedar, to trim it all out. Assuming we can get it dried in and plumbed before the conference, a mission’s team of 15 people from the Crow nation will stay there for the conference, and it will house two families on site the rest of the year.

4. Play Structure – We need a play structure. We have a contractor willing to drive up there and assemble and install it for free. If we could even find the components (swings, slides, monkey bars) we could quickly frame something up with a cute playhouse, framed off of posts set in concrete, that would be a whole lot more that what exists presently.

Other needs:

The ministry needs $3200.00 to simply get their electric turned back on. They are presently running their church services on a generator.

As we went out into the desert we witnessed extreme poverty: no running water, plumbing, electric.

The Navajo have a word from the Lord to make the desert bloom as a rose. They need good seed to sow, and perhaps bulk beans and rice, (staples), to help survive when weather prevents the often 40-50 mile drive to the closest store.