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Dis – Integrating – Falling apart from Sin, without Christ.


No matter how hard you work, how fast you run, you will not be whole without Jesus, but are falling apart over the years, for there is a law only Christ can break, the law of sin and death. We are all tainted by original sin, there are no exceptions. It is not your upbringing, environment, your controlling parents, your poor genes, your culture, your economic problems, the ‘oppressive’ regime – it is something much more insidious and evil inside of all of us – our fallen nature – We need more than mere forgiveness and mercy, we need a new nature, and power to overcome the greatest of enemies – ourselves.

Here I sit, studying for my systematic theology midterm here at seminary, and as I read of the doctrine of ‘original sin’, I see afresh and anew, our great need for  a Savior.

There is an itch that nothing in this life can scratch, an inner lonliness, that even though surrounded by people, you are alone. Career, marriage, sex, academic success, family, friends, entertainment, hobbies, or long walks in nature will meet this deep hunger in your heart. I know – I’ve tried.

Wanna be whole?

Give everything to Jesus, and He will forgive, come into your life with power to overcome, put you together again.


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