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FIRST Words…Life or Death!

First Word!
We had a great time sharing with Mike Schmidt and Dove Schmidt yesterday at Crossroads ranch, and we shared testimonies of Gods provision, protection, and miraculous interventions in our lives.
death and life
Karen made the statement that is literally life or death for a believer –

“When an accident occurs or something horrible comes, it is the FIRST Words out of your mouth that determine the outcome of the trial’

When a car wreck comes, we yell ‘Jesus’ and discover we come out of an impossible situation, unscathed.

A thug pulls a gun on you to rob you, and you proclaim ‘the blood of Jesus’ and slap him, and he ends up on the ground by the power of God.

A tree limb falls on you from 70′ up, and dislocates your skull, but before losing consciousness, you SAY: ‘Jesus, I’m healed’, and within a couple days, your head is fine.

You get bit by a recluse spider in the forehead, and through the searing burning pain, you cry: ‘Jesus, I’m healed‘, and you lose no tissue, and do not die, because the FIRST Words out of your mouth are words of faith and authority, calling on our covenant, forcing God to honor His Word and to deliver you.

We have lived these things for several decades now, and these are real life stories, and if we had time and space, we could share hundreds more.

We must keep out hearts full of the Word of God, so that out of the overflow, come our words-not merely empty, memorized stale bread from yesteryear’s, but words gestated, grown, day by day, year by year, alive with intimacy with Holy Spirit from the fire of our own personal alter established each morning before His throne – that produce signs, wonders, miracles, and acts of His power in our life that make headlines in heaven- and we create a testimony to the glory of Jesus that others can follow.

prophecy testimony

FIRST Words – each day and each trial, become precedent setting events in our lives – that establish our course – a victorious journey with Jesus.

This morning, we must be refilled with precious Holy Spirit, stirring up the gift of God within us, and we must eat fresh of the Word of God, the bread of life, feeding our hearts with what only heaven can bring. Words of life, birthed in prayer, that establish our world, and prepare us for anything this life might attempt to throw at us.

NOW faith is, and His name is I AM – our ever present help in time of trouble.

Today, is the day of salvation, Today is the day to believe, Today is the day to live for Jesus, NOW!
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Let’s Pray:

‘Father, I come to you again, looking to heaven again, Today. Fill me afresh with Your Word and precious Holy Spirit as I stir myself up in the gift you have given me. May there be fresh passion, life, fire, enthusiasm, and Your love shed abroad in our hearts that ignites our faith and causes it it to work today. I ask this Dad, knowing I am heard and answered, for I ask in Your mighty and matchless name Lord Jesus. Amen.’

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