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Four Secrets of a Forever Marriage – Book Launch!

Four secrets book

Friends of mine, Karen and Kevin Hardin are involved in the launch of this book. Though I have not yet read it, I have known the Hardin’s for many years, and have seen the excellence they walk in.

Order a copy of “Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage” on Amazon, July 21. Then email us your Amazon order # at [email protected] to win one of five free sterling silver Unity Cross necklaces we are giving away TOMORROW ONLY! (retail value $130/ea)


TULSA, OK— In his early thirties, business entrepreneur, Michael Letney, had just closed the deal on a contract with one of the largest retailers in the world. He smiled as he walked out of their corporate offices little knowing that as he put his signature on the dotted line, he had just set into motion a roller coaster that would cost him his business, his financial stability and could have cost him his marriage.

The lessons learned during that season until now, from this “not-so-perfect” husband, restored the trust that had been broken with his wife and ultimately restored his marriage. They are lessons which are foundational to every successful marriage. In reality, they are four secrets that will transform any relationship.

Can it really be that simple? Yes!

Did you know that each year approximately 2.3 million couples will marry in America alone? That equals 6,200 weddings a day. These couples will spend over $72 billion collectively just to make sure that their special day is perfect.

But what is the “budget” couples create in regards to time, money and effort needed to ensure that the “after party of marriage” is as successful as the wedding day itself?

If couples will choose to make these four important principles an ongoing part of their relationship, they can transform their relationship to one in which their house truly becomes a home and where the two become one. The reward of such a marriage is happiness, wholeness and unity.

So what does it take? Transparency, truth and trust which in turn creates the reward of unity. Like four layers of a wedding cake, each build on the foundation of the other. Without one, you cannot achieve the other. They are all essential ingredients to achieve true unity and happiness for a forever marriage.

Many young people today say that “happily ever after” doesn’t exist. We agree. Fairy tales aren’t real, but a forever marriage can be, for those willing to apply the practical steps and inspiring message found in “Four Secrets to A Forever Marriage” where you can happily live a “forever after.”

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Being a pastor in university communities for over 34 years, I have performed numerous wedding ceremonies as well as engaged in numerous premarital counseling situations.

The books I assigned for counseling were and are good. But I wish that this book had been written. It brings more than just marriage insights, but reveals those insights through the grid of mistakes, pain, humiliation, and loss. “Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage” is a book that grabs your attention because it reveals not just the surface issues of loss, but the sobering “heart” issues that are foundational for every marriage and family.

I will be using this book as part of the premarital counseling the as well as a valued tool in helping husbands and wives build and rebuild their “Forever Marriage.” Michael and Barbie’s story will inspire and uplift you. I will be recommending this book to my friends and giving it as a gift to young couples.


Dr. Jim Burkett

President, Foundation Ministries International


This book is great… from a marriage perspective, business perspective and I can even see how it can benefit our nation as you talk about

the strength and importance of the marriage foundation.

All I can say is I am honored and excited to be able to help you promote this and highly recommend it.

LaVern Vivio

Author, Speaker, and former spokesperson on Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze”


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Thanks, Chris!!!


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