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Hatred Brings Deception

Hatred brings deception, destruction, and death
Pr 26:24 ¶ He that hateth dissembleth with his lips, and layeth up deceit within him;

At our leadership breakfast meeting some years ago morning,  a business leader named Greg Ford brought a great insight on this verse. When someone hates a person in their heart, they constantly speak evil about them, and then think of ways to justify their position, laying up deception and deceit within themselves.

There is a way out of this trap: Forgive the person you hate, and I would add, wherever possible deliberately do that person good, on purpose, to overcome evil with good. (I’m still working on this with some brutal people)

Only then can you walk free of deception, hatred, and evil speaking.

Ever hated someone who did you wrong? Maybe you still do hate them, and maybe what they did was very wrong. Problem is, your hatred is only hurting you right now, and getting you further and further from the love of God.

Forgive, and choose to forget. It’s the only way to walk free of their mess.
Let’s Pray:
You know the way I feel about ______. I hate their guts, and what they did to me. Only you can make it right. I need you to heal me, and change my heart. I choose to forgive them, even though I still hate what they did. It was wrong, and caused me much pain. Heal my heart Father, and right now, I choose to release them into your hands, trusting you to do right with them. In your name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen’