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He does the impossible, when we simply play our song!


He does the impossible, when we simply play our song!

He does the impossible, when we simply play our song…

Ignace Jan Paderewski, the famous Polish composer-painist, was once scheduled to perform at a great American concert hall for a high-society extravaganza. In the audience was a mother with her fidgety nine-year-old son. Weary of waiting, the boy slipped away from her side, strangely drawn to the Steinway on the stage. Without much notice from the audience, he sat down at the stool and began playing “chopsticks.” The roar of the crowd turned to shouts as hundreds yelled, “Get that boy away from there!” When Paderewski heard the uproar backstage, he grabbed his coat and rushed over behind the boy. Reaching around him from behind, the master began to improvise a countermelody to “Chopsticks.” As the two of them played together, Paderewski kept whispering in the boy’s ear, “Keep going. Don’t quit, son…don’t stop…don’t stop.”

Today in the Word, Moody Bible Institute, Jan, 1992, p.8


Please hear the voice of our Father in this simple story! You are His child, and He has exhorted me to share with you today: “Keep going. Don’t quit my child, don’t stop…don’t stop.”

You are on the right path!

Keep playing your song, no matter how simple, childish, and foolish it might appear to you.

He is the maestro, the master musician, reaching His arms around you, to cause your simple song to become the beautiful melody of grace sung against this tapestry of time, He is making beautiful things through you, today.

Let’s Pray:
“Father, I hear you! I will continue, even though it seems fruitless, pointless, and hopeless. I choose to believe, that You, Almighty Creator of Heaven and of the earth, are singing over me today, making beautiful melodies of Your great love and grace, through my life, as I simply keep moving forward in your calling and gifting. Give me courage, strength, and wisdom, to simply, not give up…in Your name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen!”