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Jesus the Master Teacher

As I stumble through seminary here, and the required reading, I saw something in a text that I will actually use in my ministry at some point. So rather than make a note in a Word document, I felt to post it up here, for your use too.

The Master Teacher Methods of Jesus – Robert Joseph Choun
1.Object Lessons (John 4:1-42)

  1. Points of Contact (John 1:35-51)
  2. Aims (John 4:34)
  3. Problem Solving (Mark 10:17-22)
  4. Conversation (Mark 10:27)
  5. Questions (As recorded in the gospels, Jesus asked more than 100 questions for the purpose of provoking people to think and seek the truth)
  6. Answers – Jesus used His answers to move people from where they were to where they needed to be in order to grow spiritually Jesus encourage people to discover the truth.
  7. Lecture (Matt 5-7, John 14-17)
  8. Parables (Mark 4, John 10:1-21,15:1-10)
  9. Scripture – Jesus quoted extensively from the Old Testament to teach people God’s truth.
  10. The teachable moment – (John 4:5-26)
  11. Contrast (Matt 5:21-22,33-34,38-39,43-44)

13.Concrete and literal examples (Matt 6:26-34)

14.Symbols (Matt 26:17-30John 13:1-20)

  1. Large and Small Groups (Matt 5-7, John 14-17)
  2. Individual teaching opportunities (John 3:1-21, 4:5-6)
  3. Modeling (Matt 15:32,Luke 18:15-17)
  4. Motivation (Matt 16:24-27,20:21-28,Mark 1:16-18)
  5. Impression and expression (Matt 4:19-20,7:20)

20.Himself (Matt 28:19-20)

From: Richards, L., & Bredfeldt, G. J. (1998). Creative Bible teaching. Chicago : Moody Press, c1998.

I probably need to study and expound on these at some point, but with a rough draft of my research paper due Tuesday, it will not be today…