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June Newsletter – Chris Walsh

June Newsletter - Chris Walsh

June Newsletter – AOM Ministries

Ps 2:8 Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.
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Missions Trip – Navajo Nation: Window Rock, Hidden Springs, AZ, Shiprock,NM.
Throughout early June we scurried around, and managed to procure 225 chairs and 25 tables. The chairs all needed to be sanded and painted, and many, many people helped with this project, volunteering precious time. Thank you! May the Lord richly reward your service!
Goal: Return to Navajo Nation to preach, teach, minister, and:
1. Deliver tables and chairs to Window Rock in preparation for
2. Work on ‘Garden of Reconciliation’, building and installing benches, and flagpoles.
3. Deliver 3 tons of seed to Window Rock, Hidden Springs, and Shiprock, NM
4. Bring a team to help with work, and to experience the reservation (13 total)
5. Survey needs in these three locations for future trips.
We began loading Friday May 30th, leaving Tulsa on Sunday, June 1st. We arrived in Window Rock, AZ on Monday June 2nd, with our three vehicles. Two pickups and trailer-loads full of supplies.
We worked throughout the week in Window Rock, painting and installing benches, welding, painting and erecting flagpoles, tearing roof off house, and pouring footings for both flag=poles and upcoming stage/amphitheatre system.
Six of us continued on to Hidden Springs to meet Ellson Bennett and deliver a pallet of seed and a flagpole.
After two nights there, we continued on to Shiprock, NM, to deliver our final pallet of seed, and were graciously hosted in the home of pastor Anita Hartley, and were able to participate in the revival tent meeting with apostle Wallace Begay. I had several ‘words of knowledge’ here, and God used our team powerfully in praying for the sick that night! Expecting great reports of healing miracles!
We then spent one more day in Window Rock, actually erecting the flag-poles, and getting them ready for the flag raising service on July 11th.

Veterans: Flag Raising Ceremony – July 11th, 1PM Window Rock, AZ

Mission Accomplished! Payloads delivered!
I return to Window Rock this Friday, June 20th to help erect the stage/amphitheatre, and will return to Tulsa briefly June 25th-July 3rd.
Looking for someone with a truck to haul another trailer-load of supplies – The needs are great, the harvest is ready, God is visiting the Navajo nation in power.
This is about not just the Navajo, but releasing the move of the Holy Spirit America desperately needs to be restored: