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Missions Trip – South Dakota – Yankton Sioux Tribe

Missions Trip to the Yankton Sioux Tribe in Wagner, South Dakota


Hi Everyone,


Just an update on our upcoming trip to visit the Yankton Sioux tribe in South Dakota.


History: As many of you know, I have had a passion for Native American ministry since God met with me in 1995: As I learn to walk with natives, I have discovered beautiful ways of living and worship that I believe have been given by creator a particular expressions of His grace and beauty.


It is amazing how God works! My friend and now academic mentor, missionary evangelist Dr. Daniel King invited me to speak on his podcast about the vision of AOMMInistries, and as we chatted and shared he mentioned that he had interviewed a native American evangelist, none other than the legendary Robbie Leaf (Cherokee/Creek CFAN). I prayed I might meet Robbie one day, and I believe Holy Spirit set it up. After a Holy Ghost service with pastor Sharon at Victory, we went out to eat at IHOP (breakfast at 10PM). There was a young man sitting at the table next to us who appeared native so I asked him if he was native and what was his name? He introduced himself as none other than Robbie Leaf, the man Daniel King suggested I call and meet. I was excited, recognizing the fingerprints of God upon our meeting. We spoke about our passion to bring the gospel (good news) of the love of Jesus to native American tribes and he mentioned that he had preached in South Dakota with a Dakota Sioux man named Nick Dion, a 24-year-old pastor, and military army national guardsman. We scheduled a Zoom call the following week to introduce me to Dakota pastor Nick, and I like this young man. He has courage, honor, and clearly loves his community. He is looking for groups to become long-term friends, not merely people that blow in, blow up and blow out..


Nick came down to Tulsa, and I had the privilege of introducing him to Dr. Negiel Bigpond who hosted him down in Hectorville at his SWAT facility dorms. As God would have it, Victory was holding a ‘faith revival’ series of meetings that weekend, and we were were able to attend the session with Rev. Bill Winston there. After the meeting, I introduced pastor Nick to Mike Wofford who heads up the Native American men’s connect group, and at Victory Café, we discussed the possibility of organizing a missions trip up to South Dakota, and to see what that might look like. Here is a video clip of their service:


Pastor Nick attended men’s breakfast on Saturday morning in Hectorville, then drove to Lawton to meet with Comanche pastor Ray Garcia of the legendary Impact Center there. Nick then scooted back to Hectorville to meet dr. Bigpond and attend church service there.


I had hoped to meet Nick for breakfast on Monday before he began the 9-10 hour drive home, but I was scheduled to help my friend Col Larry Henderson load out his truck and trailer with 900 backpacks full of school supplies for children in Zaragoza, Mexico. The trailer and truck got loaded, and we took pictures of the load and I posted them on Facebook.


By the time we were done loading around 11 Am, pastor Nick had already hit the road to go home, so we didn’t meet, but he asked what it would take to supply backpacks for children in His community. So, I called Col Larry and asked. He connected me with the missions director at One Church in Glenpool and Billie said they purchased backpacks wholesale and school supplies, and that they cost $6.85 each or $8 with shipping included. So, I asked pastor Nick how many he needed, and he said around 200. Since these come in case lots of 24, I thought 10 cases makes the math easy, for a total cost of $1,920.00. The conversation went like this: “If we could raise the funds to purchase the backpacks and supplies, One Church is willing to pack all the packs and get them ready for shipping one Wednesday night after service’


Dates: We would have to have everything ordered by June 1st to ensure it ships in time for our August trip.

Date of Trip: Originally, we planned to be there Aug. 26-30 for their annual street festival called ARISE, but if we do the backpacks we will need to go earlier to ensure children get school supplies before school starts in August.

Other needs – They have been gifted with a school building formerly used for children with special needs, that is being repurposed as a church/multi-use community facility, and they urgently need a min of 40 padded chairs. (I would like to bring 50 and some folding tables)


Next Thursday we meet with Nick, and a member of tribal council on Zoom to finalize the itinerary and to fully discuss the focused needs of what we will bring there. I would love to bring a load of food, as it has been my experience on other reservations that there can often be extreme poverty and its resulting hardships among the people..Here is a picture of their church in worship:

Cost: There are 2 showers in the church building, so our plan is to bring air mattresses and camp out in the building. Price for gas and food $300 from August 25th-31st.

To Donate directly to pastor Nick Dion you may use hi Vimeo account:

To Donate to AOMMinistries for trip expenses or backpacks (please specify):Donate on-line: