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Newsletter – AOMMinistries – Feb/March 2016

Chris and Karen Walsh

535 E 26th Place N

Tulsa, OK, 74110

Email: [email protected]

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Hi everyone,

We have been very busy these past months, writing and editing many blogs. I will include a list of some of these at the end of this, for despite their primitive formatting, seems they are reaching around 120,000 people each day. Seems the blog desperately needs to be upgraded, as the free version of WordPress produces a format that appears garbled and is difficult to read. I’m told the paid version will alleviate this…like the verse says: Ecc 10:19 money answereth all things.

This personal time with Jesus each day in His word, and then typing up what I believe He is showing me, has become the heart of what I do. Seems revelation is greater than sweat, and somehow, He takes these teachings and puts them places around the world that I could never fathom.

WOG grew

Our family has settled in nicely in this garage apartment here at the Lyons, and we really enjoy serving alongside them as the Lord is raising up Zoe Life Church of Tulsa. Pastor Richard and I finally got around to issuing ordination certificates, and registering at the courthouse downtown so that we can legally perform marriages here in the state of Oklahoma.

Chris marriage liscence

This was prompted when Cody and Ariel (Richard’s daughter and son-in-law) moved up their wedding date. I married them last Monday night at 9:30Pm as this was the only time everyone was off of work.

I love working part-time for Randy Branstetter, building a beautiful house for Dr. Kim and his family in South Jenks, and it is fun being involved in the complex world of high end, precise construction, serving alongside designers and craftsmen of excellence. I love what we do, and this could be a wonderful answer to prayer as I move towards enrolling in my MDiv at ORU this September. I have completed the admission requirements and have been nominated for several scholarships, that would cover my tuition and books while there. Pray God provide and give me grace and favor for the schedule…

Almost every day I preach somewhere, and God does what He can only do, healing the sick, performing miracles, and forgiving people and meeting their needs. Some of this is formal, most is on the fly, as the Lord sets up incredible divine appointments through out my day.

In December, AOMMinistries formally decided to partner with and support monthly, Grace Child Development Center in Karimnagar, India, under the leadership of Prasad Johnson. There are presently 10 children they are caring for daily in temporary living quarters, they need around $2000.00 to build a permanent facility.Seems clay bricks can be used but windows and roof still cost money.

We have committed to $50/month, and this provides basic food and clothing. My faith is to raise this to $300/month, so that a Christian school can be raised up. Also, Keila wants me to take her there on a missions trip at some point, so I have learned to never despise the faith of my children. We will probably end up in India at some point… By the grace of God, we will help them build..these people are prayer warriors, and as they have prayed and fasted for us, I have literally felt their prayers. So grateful! Thank you for your support in helping us with this!

grace children0

grace children Christmas

grace children1grace children2

Here are a couple of the activities we are planning:


SWAT – Two Rivers Native Training Center is doing a one week intensive leadership training session, March 7-11th, in Hectorville, OK. We have committed to serving there as needed, from 9-12AM that week. That means I will work and they will homeschool afternoons that week.

Annual Missions Banquet – Tuesday, April 5th, ‘The Clubhouse’, Stonebrook estates. 7818 S. Indian Ave, Jenks, Ok. We are looking for table sponsors at $150/table to help cover the costs of catering.

The Call – Los Angeles – April 9th

Last year, I had the privilege of spending 8 hours with Lou Engles at the ‘Gathering of Eagles’ leadership summit in Ottawa put on by Kenny and Louise Blacksmith. Lou spoke that night to the youth, and called natives to a 40 day fast, and over 300 answered the alter call. Across the US, 100 college campuses have committed to a 40 day fast for God to intervene and save America. This event is the cumulation of that fast. 120 native tribes are expected to attend….

We plan to attend, and minister in Los Angeles as the Lord opens doors. My sister Wendy Walsh lives there, and I would love to see her and her children, and I am sure she would love to see my family, as we have not been together since 2003.

We are considering ministry trips to Branson, Virginia, Canada, and possibly Oregon this year.


  1. Prayer! Without Jesus grace and power, we are nothing.
  2. Finances – Gas, motels, and meals cost money. We are called to travel, and it takes money.
  3. Electronics- Because we homeschool through Epic Charter Schools, a portion of the children’s schooling is on-line. Jedi is back in piano lessons again, and needs an IPad to view his music while the metronome is keeping him on beat. Two of our laptops are not working presently, so we need at least one more of these. It would also be wonderful if Karen has a telephone.
  4. Vehicle – We do what we gotta do to make life happen in our 1998 Jeep with around 300K miles on it. While I am grateful for all the mechanical help people have given us this year, Dave, the missionary mechanic from Victory said bluntly last time we spent 6hours in the cold fixing shorts in the wiring harness so I could have lights, that ‘This vehicle is beat, you need to be trusting God for something more reliable’.
  5. House – While we love the Lyons deeply, and are committed to helping them do life and the church, it is time to find a place we can unpack our stuff and establish a strong home base here in Tulsa. Either God provides us a house for free, or increases our income so we can afford to rent one.
  6. Blog and Ministry – To upgrade the blog, and pay the various ministry liscencing fees due, costs $500.
  7. Books to Africa – To send 50 copies of the Worship book I co-authored with Rev. Siv Adoks in Port Harcourt, Nigeria costs $300.





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