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Praying for Weather Systems

Chris Karen Walsh's photo.
A Word from HAPN regarding weather systems:

As we go through Passover, we are receiving strategies for war. Destructive weather is one of the areas during this time of the year that we are always aware of and war over. Then, as we prepare for the days of counting the Omer, one of the important steps is to develop your decrees from your mouth for your blessings ahead.

Apostle Sandy Newman from Kansas shared the decree below with us last year about the weather and atmospheric conditions over our regions. So, on purpose, we form and utter speech to the atmospheres in our regions, states and nations.

Decreeing with you,

Dr. Yolanda McCune
HAPN Kingdom Culture Coordinator

Almighty God:

I offer repentance for the iniquities that have defiled the land and the atmosphere.

I repent for not stewarding the earth nor taking responsibility for the boundary You have placed me in.

I repent for not taking my place as a watchman over weather.

I speak with authority and power to the weather patterns over my sphere of influence (region, state or nation):
I say you must come into alignment with God’s original design for weather.
I speak to the jet stream and fronts that bring change and say “come into alignment.”
I take authority over weather manipulation and control by the occult and dismantle their assignments.
I render ineffective the destructive forces of nature that are operating unchecked.
I decree that weather patterns will submit to God’s order, sequence and seasons.
I say rain comes in the timing of God, breaks the drought and brings harvest and joy.

I call my spirit to attention to bless everything God has made.
I bless the atmospheric movements in the heavens, which reflect God, who created them.
I bless the weather over my (region, state or nation) and call it to fulfill its purpose of watering, refreshing and nurturing the earth.
I bless God who created the weather systems and called them good.

God Men in the Earth