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Rich in Faith

Rich in Faith

I am reposting this from a friend on my list, John Wood.

A Trustworthy Name
I will also leave in the midst of thee an afflicted and poor people, and they shall trust in the name of the Lord. (Zephaniah 3:12)
When true religion is ready to die out among the wealthy it finds a home among the poor of this world, rich in faith. The Lord has even now His faithful remnant. Am I one of them?
Perhaps it is because men are afflicted and poor that they learn to trust in the name of the Lord. He that hath no money must try what he can do on trust. He whose own name is good for nothing in his own esteem, acts wisely to rest in another name, even that best of names, the name of Jehovah. God wilt always have a trusting people, and these will be an afflicted and poor people. Little as the world thinks of them, their being left in the midst of a nation is the channel of untold blessings to it. Here we have the conserving salt which keeps in check the corruption which is in the world through lust.
Again the question comes home to each one of us. Am I one of them? Am I afflicted by the sin within me and around me? Am I poor in spirit, poor spiritually in my own judgment? Do I trust in the Lord? This is the main business. Jesus reveals the name, the character, the person of God; am I trusting in Him? If so, I am left in this world for a purpose. Lord, help me to fulfill it.

I do not usually use anyone elses material, but these words leaped off that page at me.
I thought of people who’s walk with the Lord, I admire and I think of God’s servant Heidi Baker, when she had completed her Phd in systematic theology, and God told her and Rolland, to “Go to Mozambique, and sit with the poor, and learn about my kingdom’.

I think Jesus, the great king, is also the greatest of servants, and loves to use, poor, broken people, to teach us about Him. He is love, He is mercy, and He is humble.

In all my study, and depths of prayer and soul searching, I see the needs of this broken world, and am reminded that His love, His power, His grace are sufficient, but if I want to see it.

Matthew 5:3
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Heaven, is where the power of the Holy Spirit is authorized from. This is where the Father, receives our prayers through Jesus our high priest, and answers in signs, wonders, and miracles…

How I long to see the power of God in the earth, healing the sick, mending shattered lives, hearts, dreams.

Yet, the kingdom of heaven is for those who are poor in spirit, yet rich in faith.

Today, I see tremendous things occurring in his kingdom and I have a privilege to be part of some of them. Yet, in my own life and family, I need some miracles….

If you are truthful before Him, so do you…

For these, let us come together before Him, and humbly ask:

“Father, I need you. Your power, Your provision, Your grace, Your wisdom, Your understanding, Your insight into my life, that I might walk before You, pure, and able to be some sort of solution to this broken hurting world. Jesus, though You have gifted me greatly, I, just like the poorest of the poor, see my great need of You. Meet with me today, and do what only You can do.’


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  • thebreadandwaterministriespk
    Posted October 30, 2016 at 2:21 am

    helping homeless families

    Caring for the poor is a noble undertaking. No matter how well intentioned you are, however, your ministry won’t be effective if you simply provide services for them. The more you give poor people what they can learn to do for themselves, the more you strengthen their dependency. But if you give them what they need most – opportunities – you’ll see real and lasting improvements in their lives.

    Here’s how you can give poor people opportunities to help themselves:

    * Change your perspective. Realize that your job is not to cure the poor from their poverty as if you’re a doctor and they’re your patients. Understand that you’re equals in God’s eyes because He has made you all in His image. Ask God to help you love poor people as your neighbors and genuinely get to know them. Treat them with respect and dignity. Instead of seeing them as projects to work on, view them as people to love.

    * Work with (not for) the poor. Don’t just set your own agenda for how to help. Instead, listen to what the people actually need and want before deciding how to help them. Rather than doing all the work yourself, invite those the poor to join in by discovering their God-given talents and putting them to use in community improvement projects. Let poor people help you sometimes as well; let them know that they have something of value to give you in return for your efforts to help them. Help the poor develop their leadership skills so they can take over efforts to revitalize their neighborhoods rather than always depending onoutsiders to do so for them. Don’t make it a habit of just tossing out money to poor people who approach you on the street. Give on the occasions that you sense God leading you to, but most often, direct your efforts toward ministries that allow you to build relationships with the people you’d like to help. Ask God to help you choose the mess of getting personally involved with the poor over the order and efficiency of impersonal programs, realizing that the greatest change comes through relationships.

  • thebreadandwaterministriespk
    Posted October 30, 2016 at 2:26 am

    greeting brother do you know my working iam running the little sphered ministry a facebook page and thebreadandwaterministriesin Pakistan and i have 60 children poor and orphan children do effort and victory for the children because Pakistan here cold temperature i need Generator for the children in amour of GOD, so children be safe and could not get sick fever dew to coldness ,through generator we we use electric heater and we have no good place for children you see in these pics ,childrens are praying to and worship god that God provide us everthing what we want they are setting in sand so need you’re much prayer support to save these children for coldness no good place and generator to save these children and I know God provide us……… Matthew 18:4
    Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.,,,,,,Matthew 18:2
    Jesus called a little child to stand among them. i need 1500$ for children church and Sunday school please open your hand and join us in support hand make donation for little angel i need your contribution for the children amour of GOD…..THROUGH THE WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM..AN ORPHAN SPIRT or AN ORPHAN HEART:
    If left Unchecked, can grow into a Stronghold of Oppression – a Habit Structure of Thinking, or Fortress of Thought. This becomes so Deeply Entrenched, that only a Profound Experiential Revelation of Father God’s Love can Displace it! Actually Replacing it with the Revelation of an Intimate Father/Son, Father/Daughter Relationship! UnconditIonal Love from your Heavenly Father that says, “You are Loved, & You do Belong!”

    • chrisaomministries
      Posted October 30, 2016 at 4:05 am

      Again, I receive yet another request for financial aid. They come in by the hundreds. And so I pray that our heavenly Father meet your need, and the needs of those He has called you to love. I do not, nor will He allow me to send money to any financial plea, no matter how desperate. Each morning I spend time in pray for our needs as a family, and the needs of the 10 children we support in India. It has taken much hard work and sacrifice to keep food on the table. I work full time, I am in school full time, and I write the blogs and fulfill the responsibilities of AOMMinistries. I do not know how He will direct you, but I can do no more. If you ask me for money again, I will block you. Simple. In each case where I have supported someone, it came to me in prayer, by His voice. If you receive this blog, you receive my prayer, often daily for you.

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