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Strong In the Lord!

Benched 315lbs! Got it clean, spotter didn’t need to help!


OK – So what? You might ask? You having a male menopause moment? Perhaps, but maybe there’s more to my personal victory than meets the eye. Like a process of daily disciplines where I fight to grow as a man of God, each year, spiritually, academically, and yes, even physically.

Today, Pastor Paul Daugherty preached a neat message called ‘Your Highlight Reel’, encouraging us to focus on the highlights of our year, to count our blessings and to remember the battles we have won. To record the victories and faithfulness of Jesus throughout the year.

So, I rewound my mental tape, of goals set, missions accomplished, miracles wrought – found my own highlights.

Some people set New Years ‘Resolutions’ but never get them accomplished, yet I spend time in the face of Jesus, to set yearly goals, that force me to grow as a disciple of Jesus, every year.

Like read through my Bible every year – Check! Got it done!

Like listen to my audio Bible every night all night – Pretty much every day!

Like do my daily prayer list – Working on it, trying to not get too busy…

Like publish another book – Got it done!

Like build this blog site – Amazing grace, people like you are actually reading it every day, and the followers are growing…

Did I get my daily disciplines done, every day, faithfully?

Did I make them all? NO!


My goal was to be able to bench 315 while maintaining cardio-vascular running speed of being able to break 25 mins in a 5km run. (only 3x 8min miles, looks simple on paper), but for those who understand strength training, I found it almost impossible to build cardio, while loading on the plates on bench. So, instead of being defeated, I will crush this 315 strength plateau, then, will work on my running again, after strength has been gained.

Did I stay with my reading schedule of a book a week this year? Nope. Last year I read 2 books/week, this year I probably only read a total of 20 books all year, but I did get to go on a total of seven exciting missions trips to mostly the Navajo nation, and fell in love with the Navajo people and America again. Saw God do some incredible miracles!

In previous years, I had goals to provide for my family well. Did that financially for a few years, but burned some relational bridges with my children, working long hours, and then too tired to be of any use to them when I was home. Now, I am a full time missionary, having lived two years well below the poverty line, eating at food banks, staying with friends or on church floors, without a vehicle for some of it, praying long, long hours for the privilege of serving in the call of God…Yet, I have served these past two years, as we homeschooled our children, together. Got to know my kids again…Sitting here with my 13 year old princess snuggled alongside, watching a movie together. She just offered to draw a picture for me to illustrate this post…Get it? There are many, many things money cannot buy, and I cannot be bought for any financial price….I have already been purchased by the precious blood of Jesus, and His love has so ravished my heart, His call upon me so strong, His rein upon my life so tight, that I have abandoned all for the sake of the call, having chosen the straight and narrow way, no compromise, no turning back, having joined the company of those of whom the world is not worthy, writing His eternal testimony on the tablet of time…

Yet, 2015 is upon us, and it is time to set some new goals, and plan for the upcoming year of life and ministry.

Proverbs 16:9 (KJV) A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.

I encourage myself sometimes, with the very words I believe God has given me to write to you….

Timing in the Call of God!

I am sure Jesus has some wonderful surprises for all of us as we seek Him and walk with Him!


Let’s pray:

‘Father, grant us wisdom like you did the sons of Issachar. To know the timings of what we should do, and know what to do with our lives, to maximize our eternal impact in the earth. In Your name we pray Lord Jesus, Amen”