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The Blueness of a Wound…

The Blueness of a Wound...

The Blueness of a wound….
Pr 19:30 ¶ The blueness of a wound cleanseth away evil: so do stripes the inward parts of the belly.
I Heard a story once, of an event that happened in Canada, in the wilderness of Northern Ontario. Reportedly a lady, around 30 years of age was driving down the highway, and ran out of gas, right at dusk, about a mile before a gas station. A man offered her a ride, which she accepted, yet instead of taking her to the gas station, he pulled off the road into a field, and pulled a knife, and brutally raped and mutilated her. Apparently, he assumed she was dead, and left her in the field in pools of her own blood, but she was still alive. She crawled the mile to the service station, and collapsed, unconscious in the parking lot. The attendant immediately called an ambulance, and she was whisked to the hospital into intensive care, where she was stitched up, given blood, and though in a coma at that point, was alive.
A week later, she awoke, to discover herself horribly mutilated, and unable to leave. Over the next several months, she was given plastic surgery, and her physical healing made her almost as good as new.
Yet, the wounds in her psyche went much deeper, and as God would have it, that hospital had a chaplain schooled in counseling trauma, and gently she began to realize that in order to become whole, she needed to forgive her attacker.
This was very tough, because she felt betrayed by God. She was a Christian who claimed that she loved Jesus, yet, this horrible thing had been done to her. How could she trust a God that failed to protect her? Where was God when all of this occurred?
Yet, forgiveness is a commandment, not a suggestion in the Bible, so dutifully she forgave her attacker, though deep in her heart, her trust in the Lord was deeply shaken.
She could not reconcile how an all powerful God, who claimed to love her, could allow such atrocity.
So, bravely, she told Jesus about how she felt. In anguish and bitterness of soul she lashed out at Him, asking Him WHY? Where were you? I have given You my life, declaring You to be my Lord, I have given you everything!
Then, it happened. One night, the Lord visited her in a dream, and showed her that there had been a huge hole in her armor, that had occurred as a little girl, when she had been ritually sexually abused by a relative, who had told her: ‘It’s okay, this is just our little secret. You are not like everyone else, so I chose you, because you are special”, as he fulfilled his perverted lusts upon her.
She realized, that she had never told anyone about the abuse, She was too scared, she felt too ashamed, dirty, yet strange. Somehow this man met some need in her, for acceptance, sex actually felt good, though her heart cried it was wrong, yet when he held her after he was done, she felt a twisted peace of sorts.
As she sought understanding from the Lord, she realized that Jesus had not done this to her. He had wept when it happened, but could not protect her, either from the mutilation, or as a child, because there was a huge hole in her armor, and the armor of her mother, who did not know how to pray God’s protection over their home.
Her shield of faith had a breach, an entry point in His hedge of protection in her life. Here is where the breach came:
Pr 15:4 A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit.
The Lord gently instructed her, that what the abuser had done to her, was preyed upon her legitimate need for the affirmation, acceptance, and approval of a father. Yet, her parents had divorced, and her mom was a hard working single mom, so this princess had no positive clean role model in her life, so was easy prey for this sexual predator.
He used his words, to pretend love, sweetly preying upon her deep hunger for the love of a father, and his perverseness had caused a huge breach in her very spirit. She should have received the wholesome, holy words of love, cleanly from a father, or directly from the Word of God, yet she did not, and this predator saw her weakness and need, and preyed upon it.
As she gently received the deep, deep love of God into the recesses of her heart, she was able to forgive this pedophile, and the rage, the turmoil, the twisted perverted dreams finally found death on the cross of Jesus. The subtle voices that whispered: ‘You will never amount to anything, you’re different, you’re unclean’ finally silenced, and she was able to sleep, deep, deep peaceful sleeps, embraced by the presence of the Holy Spirit, and God’s love.
She was able to see that Jesus did not do this to her, any of it. He hated what the pedophile had done to her, and hated what her attacker had done, He loved her purely, with a clean holy love.
Then, one day it happened, and her healing was complete. Out of her heart she found herself praying: ‘Jesus, I know you did not send that man to abuse me, nor the second to try and kill me, satan did that. Yet, you love me. You saved my life. You have given me understanding, and done for me, far more than all the damage that the devil caused me. Thank you Jesus for Your love!’
When she finally, gently was able, from her heart, to truly thank the Lord for her healing, and His goodness, she was released from the hospital, every whit whole!
Obviously, I have not written any names in this story, because I honestly don’t know this girl. This testimony was given, in confidentiality during a pastoral counseling course I took many years ago.
Yet, today, Holy Spirit has shown me that He is going to heal many victims of sexual abuse and atrocities. No matter what happened, Jesus knows, He saw it, and He wept.
It is written: Ephesians 6:16
Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts ofthe wicked

Notice here, that in order for the shield of faith to be of any use to us, it must first be taken, and lifted against the lies, and onslaughts of evil spirits. Neither this girl, nor her mother had attended a good, Bible believing church that taught them how to do this, and horror occurred…
Unless the Word of God is raised, in faith against the onslaughts of satan, satan does what he does, kill, steal, and destroy, then, like the liar he is, he blames God for his filth.
God is holy. He did not do this to you. He really does love you, and this love, will set you free, and cleanse you, deep within…
Let’s Pray:
‘Father, I bring before you your child. Your love goes deeper than their deepest pain. Restore to them the years the locust has eaten. Go deep within their soul and spirit, and pour your love deep inside them. Recreate within them the years of affirmation, acceptance, encouragement, they did not receive as a child. Now Jesus, you came to heal the broken hearted, and set at liberty those that are bruised. Touch them.
Every demonic stronghold, uncleaness, perversion that has attached itself to their very spirit, I command to leave, now!
I command the river of their sexuality to be cleansed, to return to it’s proper course. I close this breach of their spirit, caused by these perverts, and pray You speak directly to them, Your holy words of life, acceptance, and purity. I speak PEACE to the turmoil, the passions, the storms in their soul, and command the rest of Almighty God upon their body, soul, and spirit, in Your name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen’