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The Glory!

In 1922, when Smith Wigglesworth was ministering in Wellington, New Zealand, he called for a special prayer meeting with a group of eleven leaders. After each of them had prayed, Wigglesworth rose to seek the Lord, and the presence of God began to fill the room. Soon the glory of God became terrible. The light became too bright, the heat too intense. The other men couldn’t take it any longer. Every one of them left the room. Only Wigglesworth could continue in the midst of the Shekinah.

Another minister who wasn’t present the first time heard what had happened and determined at the next gathering, no matter how strong the presence of God became, he would stay until the end. Once again the scene repeated itself: Wigglesworth began to pray, the holy presence of God filled the room, and the glory became unbearable. Everyone left, except this one leader. He would not be overcome and driven out by the manifest presence of the Lord. But it was too much. Wigglesworth was caught up in the Spirit, radiant with holy fire, and even the determined minister couldn’t stand the intensity. Soon enough he was gone too.

This is the presence of God that comes with glory fire. It becomes unbearably intense. Its light breaks through the darkness. Its heat raises the temperature all around. It cannot be localised or confined. By its very nature, it must make an impact on its surroundings because it is a true visitation from heaven.

I have been in meetings where no one can move in the thick weighty glory.
If you wonder why I’m always looking for this level of glory it is because; once you have tasted of Him anything less will disappoint – from The ITINERATE Prophetic glory ministry of Ian & Joye Johnson based in the North Waikato region of New Zealand ministering to the nations

Lets Pray:

‘Father, show us Your glory! Manifest your love, purity and holiness today to us. We ask, knowing we are heard and answered, for we ask in Your name Lord Jesus. Amen’