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Three More Books to Write! Any Thoughts on Title?


After all the hard work of publishing my first three books, I thought the Lord might give me a rest for a bit, but instead, last night in worship I clearly see three more I need to publish immediately. Two of them are already mostly written and I would solicit your help with cool titles:

The First book will be Leadership Nuggets: a compilation of articles and teachings I have done on the topic of Christian leadership I have written or spoken on since 1999.

The Second is simply my couples communication course. It is a 7 lesson teaching on Biblical marriage. I have used it as either a pre-marriage course, or teaching on Biblical marriage.

The Third, is a topic I have studied for over 20 years, and is on prayer: specifically exercising God’s government in prayer. This will be deep waters, and will take time…

Any thoughts on titles folks?

Thanks for your input.

Keep Smiling!

Jesus is Lord!

Chris Walsh