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You're not in a Church, you are in a bar!

A Critical Spirit

Church Bar Dublin Ireland

Church Bar in Dublin, Ireland

Tim Hawkins, the comedian, makes the joke that, if you go to a church where others do not judge you, you’re really in a bar, not a church.

So many women will not set foot in a church because they are sure that they will be judged (criticized). Some women are even called to ministry but would rather hide in the woods than take their place because of other women judging.


You can go to church and enjoy it, even if you are a pastor’s wife or a pastor yourself. You cannot worry what people think. Not your responsibility. When you see someone, try to think of something positive about them, even if you don’t like the way they dress, make a decision to love and empower them anyway.

Church must be a place of love, acceptance and forgiveness, where wounded people can find wholeness….


Let’s Pray:

‘Father, please forgive us for our pride, and harsh, judgmental attitudes. Deliver us that we might truly love and see the broken through Your eyes, that they might be healed, empowered, and helped to become more like Jesus. In Your name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen!’