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Faith Sets the Sail! Adjust to the Wind!

Faith sets the sail!

faith sets the sail

I still remember sailing across the Atlantic on a 65′ schooner when I was 21 years old. Though I had little interest in sailing at the time ( I was on a treasure hunting expedition, and I was pretty much the lead diver on the crew), I do remember learning that though we had no control of the direction or strength of the winds, we could always change the set of the sail, and tack back and forth, to stay on course. 26 days after leaving, Key West, Florida, I was awakened one morning to the shout of ‘Land, Ahoy!’, as we came upon the cliffs of the Azores, one misty dawn.

During those 26 days, we saw some bright sunny days, and endured a severe storm, that kept us simply hanging on for dear life for three days and three nights. The winds and seas constantly changed, as as they did, we had to run up many different sets of sails, depending upon the wind that particular day.

sail set

Gravity, is like the law of sin and death, that drags you down, always.

FAITH – the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, lifts us up above the circumstances of life, just like the laws of thrust and lift under and airplanes wing, defeat the law of gravity.

In this life, we face both calm and stormy seas.

While enjoying the wonders of creation on the bright and beautiful days, wise people study and prepare their faith for the storms of life, for in the severe tests, only faith will suffice to weather the storm.

storms overcome

Like sailing, each particular wind required a particular set of sails, so each season of life, requires our faith in Jesus adjusted to whatever wind current is blowing that day, for the Holy Spirit is always moving, and we need to be sensitive and adaptive to what He is doing, and adjust our faith sails to maximize our eternal impact with our lives, that particular day.

This is not about salvation, rather joy-filled obedience, intimate relationship with Him, daily.

When life comes to us, to bring sickness or pain, that are never the will of our God, those of us that are wise have learned that a legalistic stand boldly claiming God’s promises of healing, become only the beginning sometimes, of a spirit-led walk leading again to strength, health and wholeness.


When I had my stroke in 2009, and found myself on the medical examination table with blood pressure 200 over 150, claiming: ‘By His stripes I am healed’ I was confronted by a brutally rough ex army doctor who read me the riot act. She told me in no uncertain terms what I had to do over the next year, in terms of reducing stress, changing my diet, getting actual sleep at night, and learning to exercise again, what I needed to do, if I want to live past what could have been my last six months on the planet.

I did what she said, cut my work day back from fourteen hours to nine or ten each day, signed up for the local YMCA, and over the next two years, lost 45 pounds, and found a new perspective and lease on life.

The sail that had built a million dollar a year company, was insufficient for the wind that blew that day, and by the grace of God, I changed, and am alive to tell my story.

The season had changed in my life, and I had not discerned it….

seasons of life

I have walked with the Lord now for over 25 years, and He is good!

It is too late to try to convince me that health and provision, are not part of the gospel – Jesus still heals, and He would that we all prosper financially.

Yet, money will not buy obedience, nor health. These are gifts from the Lord, and come as a result of a grace-filled life stemming from spirit-led obedience, daily, over years.

What we don’t know, can kill us!

During the good times of smooth sailing, dig deep into the Word of God, and learn about healing, diet, exercise, nutrition, finances, how to hear and become led by the Spirit of God, the principals of faith and confession, wisdom, because know this: there is a storm coming!

God doesn’t bring it, devils and people that serve them do, but this world is a difficult place.

It is tough to pour concrete in a tornado! The wise man built his house upon the rock, BEFORE the storm can!


The foundation you must have to survive the storm must be built in the calm, good times, when there is calmness to learn and learn to apply spiritual law that will dominate life’s circumstances every time it is applied.

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law  of sin and death.

I pray you begin and end this day, in faith, fully led by Holy Spirit, rising high above every storm of life, by the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus!

It can be done!

Stay in faith today, and SOAR with Jesus!

manhood eagleLet’s Pray:

‘Father, I submit to Your leadership in my life today. Holy Spirit, please speak to me, and help me to carefully obey, as I seek first You and Your kingdom, today Lord Jesus. Amen’