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Hi Everyone,
Have some friends named Fielding & Carla Cage who I had not seen in a couple of years. I saw them over the years on Facebook as missionaries, experiencing God’s miracles as they prayed for the sick in many nations around the world. Heard they would be here in Tulsa this week, and they invited our family to go with Fielding on his ‘Black Friday Outreach’, simply walking around the mall and praying for the sick.

We met at

After a short teaching on what to expect:
We prayed for the first lady, who suffered from an arthritic tendon in her knee that hurt so much, she could not walk more than short trips to the car. Even before we prayed, she said it really hurt, and that although she would love to walk around the mall with us, she did not think she could make it.
Well, we prayed, and she felt the fire of the Holy Spirit go into her knee, and all pain left!
Fielding3Fielding 1fielding4
Not only was she instantly, miraculously healed, she walked around with us for the next 3 hours, with no pain.

We would pray and ask the Lord who to approach and ask if we could pray for them, and after prayer, felt to pray for the lady in the dress. I looked up, and this couple was walking by, so I figured, “Why not, she is wearing a dress.”

We learned that she had excruciating pain in her legs and feet. I asked, on a level of 1-10, how bad is the pain? She said 10!

So we prayed for her and asked how it felt now. She said it was about a 6. So we prayed again. Jesus prayed for a blind guy twice and I’m not that good!
After praying again, her pain level went to a 4, so we prayed again, and ALL PAIN LEFT!
Her and her husband were so happy!
My daughter prayed for one lady who had just come from a massage seeking relief from back pain. After prayer, all pain left, and she exclaimed “What the f*!% did you do to me?!?”

She said that Jesus had just healed her, and sure enough, all pain had left!

I saw this on Fielding Facebook page:

Got cussed at & 15 people healed.
After a 15yr old girl prayed for a lady w bad back pain of 8 then told her to get up and move. As she began to get up she looked puzzled n said “What the f#@!. How the h*@! did you do that?”
She twisted bent n said “It’s all f#@!n gone”.

The 15 yr old preached n talked about Jesus and she wanted her relationship restored and made real.
Jesus is glorified!!
Heres a link to our youtube channel and our 2017 compilation 3 minute video.
These people are the real deal, walking in child-like joy and faith, and authentic power with God. I would ask that you pray and support them as you are able, because they are GOING around the world and making a difference.