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Grace Child Development Center

Well, through Social Media, I learned of a pastor in India, that from the goodness of his heart, had taken in 13 children into a tin shed next to his home, that had no where else to go. I sent them $50 for Christmas a few years back, and then began to do what I could to support them as I have been able over the years.

Then we got the idea to build a permanent home for the children, and we needed $1000 to buy concrete to begin what was initially a $6000.00 project. As time went on, the budget grew to $15,000, yet the money came in, little by little over the next year.

Along the way, we have partnered with other ministries to see God make Christmas, school fees, and life happen for these precious children.

Now, we have a problem with snakes coming into the yard, and need a wall. Also, the girls have grown, and we need a separate girls home.