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Holy Spirit Utterance – EVERY Hour

Holy Spirit utterance, every hour..

Hearing the Voice of God

As I read this today, a thought struck me:

Luke 12:12 For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say.

This verse is speaking about the response we need to exhibit, when we are persecuted or brought unjustly before a court system, but in this crooked and perverse generation, I am learning I need Holy Spirit to give me words and wisdom, every hour, of every day.

My responses to every cell phone call, or relationship, need to be of the Holy Spirit, because my words need to be consistent, faith-filled, and constantly in line with what I believe on purpose, before God each morning, in my morning watch of prayer and confessions.


Let’s pray;

Father, I realize the primary expression of my faith, is my words, that my words need to represent You accurately, truthfully, and perfectly, not only in my prayer time, but throughout my day. I trust you Holy Spirit, for your instruction, in all of my correspondence today, teach me, and use me for your glory I pray, in your name Lord Jesus, Amen’