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Jesus,Jesus Loves You: Outreach Song!

Jesus, Jesus Loves You

{sung to the tune of “We will, we will rock you”}

Jesus, Jesus, Loves You. (3X) Loud, with beat.


Buddy you’re a child, make a big noise, (yell it out) make it to your king this day I pray.

Got His blood in place, no disgrace, waving His banner all over the place.



Jesus, Jesus, Loves You. 3x


Doing Jesus chores, even mopping floors,

Heart of a servant is the heart of yours.

Wanna be a king, do Jesus thing,

Everyone His servant let your new heart sing.


(Repeat chorus)


Breakin every chain, healing hurt and pain

Spirit of our God setting hearts aflame.

Jesus is our king, let His anthem ring,

Healings been provided and He sent us here to sing.


(Repeat chorus)


Rocking with the flock, doing Jesus walk

Establish now His kingdom with our faith-filled talk,

Jammin with the Lamb, in His grace we stand,

Establish now His kingdom all across this land.


(Repeat Chorus, 3rd time shout and end)


Nissi is His name, Victory is His game,

Got a Banner over us, He is a living flame.

This message is for you, whatcha you gonna do,

He is here today to save you, and make your life a new, Singin

(Repeat chorus)

Never go away, never be a stray,

He has come to love you, and He will never go away.

He has come to stay, He is the living way,

His comfort is forever, and He sent me here to say, that (Chorus)