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Looking at Ps 119

Received this email from one of our professors, and it is good.

It was a joy to get to meet so many of you in class yesterday.  I look forward to spending the semester with you.  As I was having my quiet time this morning, I was reading through Psalm 119 and made it a prayer.  While doing so, I immediately thought of this class.  Church Teaching Ministries is all about the Word of God, and so is much of Psalm 119.  So, I am sending this email to share it with you.  I love praying the Bible.  Often I post these prayers from my journal on FB.  (Send me a friend request on  FB!)
You will notice the prayer is filled with bold, italics, CAPS, etc.  I do this as I pray through the prayer several times, emphasizing different parts of it, asking Holy Spirit which parts he wants to show me.  If you don’t already do so, try praying the Bible.  It can be very powerful!
Your instructions, decrees, commands and laws, O LORD,  
are perfect, trustworthy, right, clear, true, and fair;  
more DESIRABLE than gold and SWEETER than honey. 
They warn your servants and reward us when we obey. 
Your instructions, decrees, commands and laws, O LORD,  
REVIVE my soul and make me WISE;  
they bring JOY to my heart and give me INSIGHT for living. 
They last FOREVER!  FOREVER I will EMBRACE them. 
In your word, O LORD, I DELIGHT.  In your commands I MEDITATE day and night. 

May your word TRANSFORM my mind, my heart and my ways, MAKING ME more like you. 
And NOW,  may the WORDS OF MY MOUTH and THE MEDITATIONS OF MY HEART be pleasing to you, 
A prayer derived from Psalm 119:7-11, 14   #prayingtheBible 
I pray you have a great weekend!  See you next Thursday.
Dr. Randy Loescher