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Men Hurt…

When Men Get Hurt:

Ever notice, when a guy gets shattered emotionally, he hides out on a jobsite someplace, puts his head down, and attempts to work it out of his system. Works sometimes, but not always. Met way to many guys on job sites that have PTSD, or been through a divorce or loss of a loved one, that are incredible men at work, but lonely, shattered, alone in their personal life. Only Jesus fully understands. He was there when it all happened, He saw it, understands it, and weeps over their pain. Pray today for men! Rough and ready men! For God Himself to reach into their worlds and heal their hearts, and make them strong in their broken places. He knows, He cares, and His power is their answer.

Let’s pray: ‘Father, I pray for Your sons that are broken. You see why. Only You are big enough to do anything about it. Please heal men today, and make us strong in the fights of life. I ask, knowing I am heard and answered, for I ask in Your name Lord Jesus. Amen’