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Pray for Standing Rock Today

Please pray for Standing Rock.

Was on a conference call with clergy there on Thursday night, and it brought me to tears.
Here is what is happening.
As police violence against the protesters has escalated, so has the size of the protest encampment. Last week, it went from 3000 to 10,000 people camped out in the snow there.
Two things happened.
1. The Sioux chief asked and invited clergy to join him and the tribe in a day of prayer this Sunday.(  Presently 1000 or so clergy have either committed to attend or lead their congregations in prayer that day for protestors.
2. A retired veteran, a major from the marine corps, asked for veterans to deploy to Standing Rock, without weapons, to stand with the protestors against the police and DAPL paid security officers and state troopers. ( It was thought that perhaps 1000 vets would come, but as of yesterday 2883 have committed to go, and deploy on Monday Dec 5th. It is when I heard of thier agenda, that I broke and wept. In ceremony, and formation they are going to present themselves before Sioux chief Looking Horse and national native elders (as you know, there are now 300 tribes formally standing with Standing Rock at present), and kneel before them and formally ask forgiveness for military and US government atrocities against natives. They will they form into rank, and march across the bridge separating the camp and the razor wire erected by Dakota pipeline and their riot police, and confront (hopefully peacefully) the military and riot police there. As you may well know, the police have continually protected the pipeline construction, to allow it to get to where it is now, on the banks of the Missiouri river, the source of clean drinking water for 18 million people. Clearly, despite the Army Corps of Engineers stop work order to DAPL, requesting a re-route around tribal lands, DAPL has continued right on, in bold defiance of this order. Clearly they are taking advantage of the transition in the Presidency, trusting that Obama will not issue an executive order to stop construction, and hoping to be complete before Trump assumes office in January.
I am asking for very specific and targeted prayer this weekend:
1. We bind the spirit of anarchy. We break every yoke of oppression off of native peoples, that they be free to come to know Jesus, and experience true freedom, liberty in the Holy Spirit, and justice as God Himself undertakes for them to vindicate them in light of past atrocities and broken treaties.
2. The kingdom is RIGHTEOUSNESS, peace and joy, in the Holy Spirit. I loose and enforce God’s kingdom over Standing Rock AND DAPL. I command all deception, oppression, racism, and lies to move, in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.
3. I pray God pour out His Spirit there in power and that natives, police, military, DAPL, and the corrupt government officials involved all come to true repentance, and find the mercy, forgiveness, and peace of Jesus. That God would grant everyone involved a love for the truth, and destroy pride, bitterness, offense, and would give people supernatural grace to forgive, heal and reconcile.
4. The God give this government courage and wisdom to provide protection and a solution to violated treaties and mistreatment of natives historically, and that they would hear natives and put in place policies, programs, scholarships, and funding that will provide pathways of peace, understanding and prosperity to natives.
5. That this event remain peaceful. That is not spark a civil war on US soil.
6. That through all of this, that Jesus be revealed, the gospel preached,and that people become born-again, spirit-filled, and will accurately hear God’s voice individually, and will pursue God’s personally plan for each of their lives.
7. That God release alternate energy sources than oil to empower this nation, to set us free from the tyranny of the oil industry.
This is a very serious event….

Please alert intercessors.

Let’s Pray:
‘Father, we take our place in Your authority and command mountains of pride, offense, anarachy, oppression, deception, lies, hatred, and racism to move off this nation and everyone involved in the Standing Rock protest. By faith we stop the oppression and violence against natives, and police there. By faith we enforce Your kingdom there in righteousness, PEACE and joy in the Holy Spirit, trusting You Holy Spirit to open the eyes of our understanding, to give wisdom to all involved to do what is right in Your sight. Father, reveal Jesus love, and heal broken wounded hearts, and bring Your mercy, truth and true justice there against historic atrocities and broken covenants. Give our government courage, wisdom, and clarity to know how to act, and to act, immediately. Father, forgive us, your people for our pride, lack of compassion and understanding, and complacency in this, and have mercy upon us. Help us to see our wicked ways against you, and the environment, and to turn away from them, that our land actually be healed. Please Father, let this not result in bloodshed and civil war, but have mercy yet again on this nation I pray, knowing I am heard and answered, for I ask in Your name Lord Jesus. Amen”