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Thomas Daniel – Help him with His albums!

Hi all,


I admire faith. I live by it, trusting Jesus every minute of every day for food, and whatever other finances or resources are needed that day for me and my family.

Then I was contacted by Thomas, who I have never met, as part of our on-line community.

I looked at his walk of faith, as he has moved to Nashville, worked part-time so that he can follow his God given dream, of professionally producing two albums for music he has written.

I listened to his video, and music, and then watched it again with my 10 year musician son Jedidiah, and I am impressed with what he is doing.

He is half-way there in his fund-raising goal.

I am asking that you do two things:

1. Pray for him, and consider adding him to your daily prayer list.

2. Donate to his cause, and help make his dream, reality.

Here’s his video, check him out!


Keep Smiling!


Jesus is Lord!


Chris Walsh