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Urgent Financial Need – AOM Ministries

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We are full time missionaries (AOM Ministries). After our 7th trip to Arizona, we are back home here in Oklahoma for a week!

On  Monday night, on the way home from the Cherokee service in Kenwood, OK, I was pulled over for speeding (48mph in a 30, missed the sign in Locust Grove) It was about 10:30 PM, and I had my 12 year old daughter with me, and it was past her bedtime on a school night. Seems I have an unpaid ($20) seatbelt violation from last March, and my drivers license has been revoked. The officer arrested me, and brought me and my daughter to jail in Locust Grove. He allowed me to call Rick and Cher Lyons, and they came out at 1Am, and I was given fines of $600 for driving under suspension, and an additional fine of $120 for speeding. They allowed the Lyons to drive my jeep home, and allowed me to go until the 27th, when I must appear in court. I have prayed, and we have trips planned to Shiprock, AZ next week, Branson for the Nov 4-6 Billye Brim native conference, and a prayer event in Mobile, Alabama. We are also working with several ministries to get construction supplies to the Navajo nation for urgently needed projects. There are several 18 wheelers leaving Oct 19th for the Hopi reservation with Mission Native America that will potentially help with this. Very busy time! This is the financial plan I have, as money comes in.


Plan of attack: $1860 + tithe

  1. Pay $300 in fines to Wagoner.
  2. Get 6 months of insurance in place. ($300)
  3. Get oil change, A/C to send Karen to Shiprock ($140)
  4. Pay additional fines ($600 +120)
  5. Pay $700 utilities

Money Needed: $2060.00


Please pray!

Whatever HE says, Do it!


Chris Walsh