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Woman fell – Woman First Preached

Hanging out with my teen-aged daughter the other day, and she said something profound:

Dad, it was a woman that got deceived and fell, yet it was a woman that first preached Jesus risen from the dead.

I said: “WHAT?!?”

She said: “Yeah Dad, Eve got decieved by the devil, yet Mary of Magdelan was at the tomb after Jesus rose from the dead, and He said to Go to his disciples, and tell them that He had risen. That’s the gospel, Dad. God raised Jesus from the deadn and He is Lord, and we need to obey Him right?”

“Go on” I inquired.

She went on to say: “Oh the irony! Satan decieved Eve, and brought hell on earth. Now God in His sense of humor, has a broken woman preach the first gospel message that the earth had ever heard. It started with a woman, and it started again with a gospel woman.”

Seems clear to me that Holy Spirit has been speaking to my princess…