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AOMMinistries Fall Newsletter 2018


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Hi everyone,

This is going to be a short newsletter, as we are busy in the construction side of things, and I value your time:

Executive Overview:

We are headed to Washington,DC next week and need a reliable vehicle for the drive, and provision for the trip, as we serve in ‘All Tribes DC’ for the national native american day of prayer, and Jedi will lead worship Nov 11th at 2PM at Tent of David. Will hit several Smithsonian Museums to incorporate some lesson plans from there as a home school field trip for the children’s.

Kenya Trip – Col Larry Henderson, my daughter Keila and myself will go to Eldoret, Kenya to minister at the leadership conference Dec 3rd-11th.

Ministry – Blog needs upgrade, need tripod stuff for IPhone for Youtube videos, gotta pay yearly registration fees. I understand through the grapevine, that over 60 ministries have been able to begin thier own Bible schools, in 8 countries through the IVBI program. Amazing grace! All we have done is recommend them for admission to the program, and the amazing Ron Stafford and team do the rest:

Orphans – See pics. Need monthly support, and there are some big construction projects in India, and a well needed in Kenya.

Israel – Planning conference for next year, and possible additional conferences in other cities.

Banquet Update:

Kenya Trip:

It is our plan for perhaps three of us to go to Kenya for these purposes: 1. To teach at your leadership conference and to see ministry in Eldoret. 2. To have Col Larry speak to any military or police that might be interested. 3. To see the ministry in Migori 4. To facilitate, if possible a meeting with representatives of, that can empower and develop Christian business leaders and promote economic development. 5. To meet with pastor Evans and pastor Daniel to discuss the potential of a future medical outreach to Eldoret.

We live in a sight and sound generation, and people often prefer listening to the teachings, rather than stopping what they are doing and actually reading them. We borrowed a guys little tripod and mic for an Iphone for a bit, and wow, simple to produce decent videos. Need to do more.

Orphanage Updates: INDIA – Grace Child Development Center:


In September we celebrated our first year anniversary of the new childrens home. You recall the story, how a pastor took 13 children into a tin shed next to his home, and fought to feed, clothe, and provide school fees for them. Really tough when it rained, so we partnered with them, and God provided $15,000 to build a permanent home for these children, and the first beds they have ever slept on. We have had problems with snakes coming into the yard, and require a wall, and an additional home for the girls – Costs: Wall $6500 USD, Girls home: $15,000USD


We must get a Bible school up an running that teaches Gods protection and healing. Pastors wife collapsed with seizures, and this boy was in hospital with appendicitus. We prayed, God answered, and Jesus healed them. Tough times require tougher faith. We have requested a Bible school with the IVBI school, all that is needed, is a dedicated person in India to act as the director.


Kenya –

Eldoret Child Development Center

This ministry is very different than the one in India. Over the years, police and military have dropped off orphans at pastor Evans door, and each morning the ladies from the church, would meet at the church for prayer, worship, and to cook everyone breakfast. Then families go to work, children old enough go to school, and little ones remain at the church that acts as a daycare. In the evening, people re-convene for supper, prayer, praise and worship, and then orphan children are assigned to families who take them home at night for the security of the children. This model place a whole new relevance to the slogan: ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, but this is precisely what is happening. The whole community works together, to each contribute what they can. Much of the food is grown in nearby fields, and we try to raise funds for building programs, clothes and school expenses for the children. This is very similar to the way the ministry works in Migori also.


Migori Kenya –


Financial needs:

We need:

1. Israel Conference – email list (I can purchase this for $256) and volunteers to help organize upcoming conferences, Finances to rent conference center

2. Washington DC Trip – Transportation and living expenses – motel is PAID! Thank you Jesus!

3. Kenya Trip- Transportation costs and living expenses, money for vaccines, passport update – Total: $5000.00

4.Blog Upgrade – Ministry expenses – $630.00

5.Orphanages Update – India: Monthly Support, Wall:$6500.00USD, Girls Home: $15,000

Eldoret: Monthly Support, will determine capital expenses when we go.

Migori – Monthly Support, Well drilled: $19,900.00

Various Road trips require: A vehicle to get us there and back safely, big enough for Jedi’s keyboard

Regular monthly support, to keep a roof over our head and all bills paid.