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Doors and Keys

Doors and Keys

Doors and Keys

Last week at Victory Christian Center we had the privilege of hearing a legendary speaker named Tommy Tenney. His topic was ‘Doors and Keys’, and he made several excellent points, about how relationship will give you access to keys to doors, that could be opened know other way. That the purpose of all ministry, was like groping in a dark hotel room for the slit between the drapes, that as you felt in the dark for the seam, and then pulled apart the darkened screens, the blinding light immediately illuminated the room. That ministry was like that, simply seeking the entry point to His presence….

A friend and mentor of mine, Rev. Hank Hallas, sends out regular emails, and today, he sent out an article, that amplified the theme that Tommy spoke on.

Seems that a prophetess named Theresa Phillips, wrote on doors, windows, and portals in her article entitled ‘I Saw The Crown of 7 Points = The 7s of God 2014’

Since I am still struggling with living out my own article on pride (LOL, we should be able to laugh at ourselves), I contacted Ms. Theresa, and requested her permission to simply post her article. She agreed, so without further ado, here it is:

Guess pride would say, that I need to be God’s voice to this generation, and truthfully, I have determined to be an voice for Jesus, never an echo. But I believe that both Tommy Tenny, and Theresa Phillips heard God in what they ministered.

Yet it is not the mere teaching or revelation of God’s Word that I hunger for, rather, the demonstration of that Word, in His presence and power! May this humble offering cause you to meet with Him, now!

On that note, let’s pray:
‘Father, meet with me I pray! Grant me keys from Your intimacy, that unlock doors in my life, open the windows of heaven, reveal portals of Your great destiny for me, and those You have called me to serve. As always, I need you demonstrate Your Word with Your presence, and mighty acts of power, signs, wonders, and miracles, in Your name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen!’