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Go to Church!

Go to church, Restore your nation

Jer 13:16 Give glory to the LORD your God, before he cause darkness, and before your feet stumble upon the dark mountains, and, while ye look for light, he turn it into the shadow of death, and make it gross darkness.
17 But if ye will not hear it, my soul shall weep in secret places for your pride; and mine eye shall weep sore, and run down with tears, because the LORD’S flock is carried away captive.

Hear the heart of Jeremiah here, the one Bible scholars call, ‘the weeping prophet’. He sees God, and sees the people of God rebelling against Him, in pride going their own way.

Note for intercessors, the only way to bring down a spirit of pride, is with an opposite spirit, a spirit of humility. Jesus did it with His disciples, setting the eternal example of servant-hearted leadership, for all generations, He washed His disciples feet. Jeremiah too, has found a secret place, away from the eyes of men, to weep.

Why? He sees the inevitable consequences of their rebellion, captivity and bondage.

Over the past couple years, as I have spent time simply walking around and meeting new people here in Tulsa, I have discovered an amazing ignorance of the things of God in the people I have met.

They seem like nice enough folks, but out of the heart, the mouth speaks. I ask them where they go to church, and they tell me that they used to attend church, but…and then come the stories….

Yes, horrible things have happened in churches, simply because fallen, broken, sinful people attend them, but we cannot allow the behavior of others, no matter how ‘spiritual’ they appear dictate our decision to obey God in attending a place of worship:

Proverbs 18:19

A brother offended is more unyielding than a strong city, and quarreling is like the bars of a castle

Field of play

Pride is not just someone walking with their chest puffed out, strutting their stuff.

No, pride in God’s eyes, is deciding that our will is greater than His. Like we are smarter than He is….

The Bible says, GO TO CHURCH! Heb 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

In these last days, it is not a time to be playing with God: tremendous prophetic events are occurring in the earth, and great consequences happen from both obedience, and disobedience.

The way I see it, you are either part of the solution, or part of the problem.

The solution is Jesus, His kingdom, power, and restoration through the establishment of His Word. His church, the bride, is the answer to this world, His kingdom extended through His people…

Yet, if you think you are too smart for God, that ignorance is bliss, think again.

Do not mistake God’s silence for permission or acceptance of your lifestyle. He loves you, but He is holy, and when the only word He could speak would be correction that He knows you will not hear, in His mercy, He is quiet, hoping you will, of your own volition, turn to Him. If He were to speak, His only word would be judgement upon your sin, and so, in mercy, He is silent.

If you won’t, of your own volition do what the Word clearly says: He remains faithful and true, but the withdrawing of His presence and blessing has very tangible consequences, like here in the nation of the United States of America, a 14 trillion dollar deficit. (At the end of FY 2016 the gross US federal government debt is estimated to be$19.4 trillion, according to the FY17 Federal Budget. )

Come back to Jesus today. Find a good church. Find a place to serve and give something back. There is joy and eternal purpose in it.

Your nation depends upon it.

Let’s Pray:

‘Father, you see the state of the ‘church’ in my area. You know me, and all that has been done. Give me the courage to attend where You want me to attend, for Your sake, not the sake of the people there. Lead me, guide me, speak to me, and make a way, where there has been no way. In Your Name, I pray Lord Jesus, Amen’