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God Healed Me from Covid

Last week as I participated in our ‘meet-up’ Zoom call for the Masters class I am currently taking to complete my Masters in Practical Ministry from Oral Roberts University, we discussed covid, and its repercussions affecting Christians around the world.


I shared how I had been diagnosed with covid in July when my employer insisted I go get tested as I was experiencing a slight cough and slightly elevated temperature of 100F.


I did then, what I always do if injured or experience any kind of symptoms of sickness or disease in my body. I went to God in prayer, then deliberately immersed myself in His promises of healing and health. This has become easier with the internet, I use this simple link: which contains over 8 hours of healing promises and prayers making meditation upon the promises of God very, very easy.


I also went to the doctor and asked if there were any medications that have proven effective in the treatment of this filthy plague. There was much controversy over medical treatments at that point, so I went on-line to see if there were any vitamins and supplements that might work in treating this condition.


My wife was fervently praying for me, but I had peace, knowing God had this thing beat. Her concern is the fact that I had one of the ‘pre-existing conditions’ the fear mongers raved about in the media. (  In any case, I found that Tim Tebow was endorsing a vitamin that reportedly ramps up your immune system.


So, I looked at the ingredients and decided to go to Walmart and create my own vitamin cocktail of D3, zinc, Elderberry, Garlic, B-complex, vitamin C, and Echinacea. Admittedly, it takes me a couple more minutes each morning to open all these bottles and take one of each, but hey, it worked!

Note: You cant see the Elderberry extract or garlic at the bottom…

Within 4 hours, all symptoms were totally gone after prayer and taking these vitamins, and then came the mandatory 14 days of isolation and quarantine. So, I was feeling great and decided to go back and re-test for covid, only to discover the lab associated with my family physician’s office was not closed, and I had to make an appointment with Tulsa Public Health Authority. To my surprise, they claimed that I still tested positive, when I had no symptoms and felt great. So I scheduled a telephone conversation with my family physician and told him that I did not agree with their diagnosis, and wanted his professional opinion. He explained that that week’s research from the CDC stated that after 14 days of quarantine if a person was asymptomatic, they were free to return to work. He put that in writing, and I was released to return to my job, where I had just lost over 2 weeks’ pay.

So, I called back Tulsa Health Authority to question my test results, and they claimed that if a person was ‘exposed’ to covid and tested positive, that it usually took 3-4 months to test negative. What a load of insanity!! What family can afford to quarantine with no pay for 4 months???


This affected everything in our family, due to the intense fear-mongering of the media, and the local mask mandate, and yeah even ORU covid guidelines. We were asked not to attend church, my teens could not attend youth group and our family and we now began to understand in great depth the social isolation of the lepers Jesus ministered to, and the social fear-based stigma that is generated by media and clearly corrupt medical officials fostering their own agenda.


Obviously, my wife and children were supposedly ‘exposed’ to the virus, but none of them had any symptoms, yet they too were forced into isolation and quarantine with me, and our income did not recover from what should have been at best a very temporary job loss. I went back to work, received one more paycheck, and a ‘donation’ to our ministry, then informed that my position was terminated, due to a lack of contracts in the construction industry. While I forgive my employer for this, I honestly question whether or not I will go back to work at that company ever again, as it is kind of a mercenary outfit, with no health or financial benefits for adverse circumstances. Since I have been a 1099 self-employed contractor, I am ineligible for unemployment or emergency covid funding…So we continue to trust Jesus and walk forward by faith, strong in the Lord, and the power of His might.



However, I wrote this to state that Covid, is 100% curable, beatable, and we can live victoriously over it!

“ Father, we choose to believe that Jesus alone holds the name that is above all names,

far greater than covid. That as we come to you in the name and authority of Jesus, we are healed, protected, and delivered from covid and any other plagues. It is written in Ps 91:10 No evil shall befall you, Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; We bring this particular promise before Your throne, fully trusting you to perform it on behalf of our families and households. Thank you, Father, for your goodness and power towards us, simply because we ask, knowing we are heard and answered, for we ask in the mighty name of Jesus Amen!’