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Man shall not live by bread alone..Hear Him and OBEY

Man shall not live by bread alone:


Luke 4: 4 And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.

There came a point in Jesus life, when at age 30, He gently left His home, family, house, and put a lock on the door of His carpentry shop, to obey God, and head out into the desert, in obedience to our Heavenly Father, to begin to fulfill His heavenly calling. Though I am sure He had a victorious prayer life and intimacy with Father God before this, it is only when He went out into the desert, that He was returned in the power of the Holy Spirit, to do miracles and the mighty acts we read about in Scripture.

This is the third time in my life, I have done exactly that:

1. The first, is when I left my job, my family, and my country as a single man, to attend Rhema Bible Training Center, here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with no income, no savings, and no visible means of support. For the two years I attended Rhema, I spent many hours in prayer, and God answered daily, through the hands of man, with myriads of people giving me money, to meet the needs of that particular day, as one day at a time, God paid every bill for tuition, rent, food, insurance, books, and travel for the entire two years at Rhema.

2. The second is now: In Jan 2013, I felt Holy Spirit again tell me to step out in faith upon His Word, and to trust Him fully for supply and support. Much more complicated now, as I am married, with two children. It has been very difficult, with intense financial needs that have pressed us, yet again, I have obeyed, and God is again meeting the financial needs of me and my house, daily, one day at a time, as I aggressively pray and walk by faith.

3. Now, as we continue our spirit-led existence as a family, I am currently attending Oral Roberts University full time at seminary in the masters program in the MDiv, while continuing to do missions trips and projects, and while working with an incredible builder and architect who builds awesome homes in the million plus catagory.

Is it easy? Nope! Hardest thing you will ever do, and there is one critical requirement before you step out and attempt this:


You had better hear the voice of God, personally, specifically, and intimately for your life.

If you do, God obligates Himself to meet your needs. If you don’t, you are about to experience a world of pain, as you discover that you have missed God’s timing. God is not moved by need, only faith and obedience, and if we step out prematurely, God has no obligation to pay for that which He did not order.

He will never be manipulated by emotions, or what we think He must do for us, no He blessed one thing – obedience.

Since that time, we had been on over 20 missions trips, and have driven our 1998 Jeep Cherokee back and forth across America now, 7 times, doing various things for the Lord.

Now, I am in an adventure, attending Oral Roberts University in seminary, learning, growing, stretching myself as a minister, and getting my theology tested and refined, as I dig deep into God’s word with one motive – seek truth at all costs.

Let’s Pray:

“Father, for those you have set apart to fully rely on You and to live by faith, and obedience to You and Holy Spirit today, give them courage to stand, and walk it out, without compromise. To those You have spoken to that perhaps have heard from you, but it is not yet time for them to step out yet, have mercy upon them, and may your strong hand of restraint be upon them, that they not destroy through premature birth, the release and timing of your call. For those who are lagging behind, who should have stepped out some time ago, ignite in them courage, boldness, and confidence to GO, and fully trust you. I ask for your gift Holy Spirit of ‘special faith’ to operate in their lives, as they are developing in their specific calling and gift. How well we have learned that we do not live by bread alone, but by every word spoken from your mouth. Speak to us today, Father, show us how to walk, where to go, what we exactly need to be doing, in your name I pray Lord Jesus. Amen’